Our Boutique Marketing Firm Builds Easy to Use, Universal Websites

At Attorneys Online™, Inc., we hate when technology becomes overly complicated. Why have a website that is difficult to edit, complicated to navigate and does not express what your firm is all about? When we create a website, we get to know our clients and use a publishing platform that makes it easy for their personalities to shine.

Our marketing firm made a conscious decision to utilize WordPress instead of other popular management systems. We chose the WordPress platform because it is universal, and our clients can easily log in to add and delete pages themselves. WordPress is:

  • User-friendly for our clients and their end users
  • Simple to navigate through
  • Great for making dynamic pages that stand out

We currently utilize the WordPress MU (Multisite) codex, which means that we can keep our network of sites as up to date as possible by testing and coding on one site and pushing out the most effective and important changes to all of our sites, as needed. WordPress also has a number of plugin applications that help us with everything from search engine optimization (SEO) to viewing sites on mobile devices.

“I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code.”

Sure, all this technical talk makes it sound like we know what we are doing, but what does this mean for our clients? See more of our client testimonials here.

You Need a Marketing Firm that Focuses on the Legal Profession

Our staff of legal content writers focuses on creating high-quality pages of content that show up on the top of Google searches through our SEO services. By building unique sites for our clients, our design team can construct a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching website for your firm. WordPress just makes this whole process easier and faster while maximizing our ability to create websites that suit our clients’ individual personalities.

If you are considering creating a new website or updating your firm’s existing one, reach out to our legal marketing professionals to schedule a free consultation. Tell us what your firm is all about and how we can meet your marketing needs.