How Will SEO Evolve Over the Next Several Years?

Posted on January 26th, 2015 by

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends continue to evolve, with trends from 2014 quietly fading away into history as they give way to new and more innovative ideas. In 2015, SEO will become mobile dominant, driven by Facebook and Twitter, and will focus more on engaging readers by using social media platforms. The internet is the largest collection of information in human history, sorting through all of it and making it easier for users to find what they are looking for has always been the purpose of SEO in general. SEO marketing must continue to find new ways to become more engaging and easier to access with emerging technologies.

What is Search Engine Optimization Marketing?

SEO marketing refers to the ability of a business to influence the visibility of website content by using a search engine’s results. This type of marketing uses keywords to target a select demographic that is likely to be looking online for specific topics or businesses. Search engines use complex algorithms to select keywords and process their search results. SEO marketing takes advantage of search algorithms to send specific web content to the top of the top of the results list.

SEO Will Take Advantage of New Technological Trends

If one thing is certain, it is that the future of the internet is mobile. More users than ever are connecting to the internet through mobile devices. Tech industry experts are predicting five billion mobile users in 2018, 94 percent of whom will be using smart phones, tablets and laptops. Google has recently changed their policies, giving mobile-friendly websites a bump up in the search results listings. We use Responsive Website Design to make sure our site look great on any device!

Social Media Engagement Will Become a Top Priority

Search rankings will become more about the content produced and how it engages readers. Building a relationship with readers by using blogging outreach campaigns will become an integral part of how SEO marketing operates. Successful marketers will do this by using social media, asking for product or business reviews and asking bloggers to share content with their readers. For anyone who is still confused, the video game industry already does this by using famous bloggers, YouTube channels and internet review websites to talk about their products.

Facebook and Twitter Have Become the Largest Social Networks…For Now!

It has been speculated that Google has excluded social networks from their search ranking algorithms, but now there is evidence this has changed as Facebook and Twitter pick up billions of users. Content that is trending on social media websites will be given more importance in search engine rankings. Facebook shares, comments, likes and Twitter tweets are going to have a greater correlation with how search engine results are processed.

Join the Future or Fade into History (Or Just the Dreaded Page 3)

Businesses do not have the luxury of not adapting to these changes, to do so would be to alienate their consumer base. Successful SEO marketing will use mobile friendly web content, generate interest and rely heavily on social media outreach campaigns. As the internet becomes a greater and more accessible resource worldwide, SEO marketing must continue to adapt to the changing environment.

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