Why Should My Law Firm Use Day in the Life Videos?

Posted on August 15th, 2018 by

Photo of a man using a video cameraAt Attorneys Online, Inc., we use videos to showcase the importance of a face-to-face relationship between clients and attorneys. Day in the Life videos benefit both the client seeking justice and the attorney seeking a quality, personal case.

What Three Purposes Do Day in the Life Videos Serve?

  1. ENCOURAGE A STRONG SETTLEMENT. In these short documentaries, our team at AOI will capture a day in the life of your client. In order to avoid a lengthy trial, the video will help to show that your client has a powerful and moving story that will encourage a strong settlement. If you do go to trial, your video can capture a jury, and the jury will be able to better connect with your client.
  2. INSIDE LOOK AT CLIENT’S LIFE. Our team will spend two to three days with your client to capture what their life is like. For some, that includes the physical struggle to get dressed in the morning or deal with intense pain. For others, it is the mental challenge of paying bills or keeping medicine organized. We show your client working to get better during physical therapy and doctor appointments. We interview important people in their lives and the clients themselves. After we complete your video, you will know your client better than you could have before.
  3. GIVE YOUR CLIENT MORE POWER. By telling their own story, your clients become active participants in their search for justice. If you go to trial, they are more prepared to testify in court and your case gets stronger.

Our Day in the Life videos will include interviews with family members, friends, and colleagues, as well as with the clients themselves. The final 10-15 minute documentary mixes the interviews and new footage with old pictures and videos to make the viewer experience your client’s daily life.


When Mendy Brockman was severely injured in a car crash, we created a video for her multi-party lawsuit. After viewing the documentary, one of the parties quickly settled. When the other parties went to trial, our video was used in the courtroom and the jury awarded Mendy $52 million dollars, one of the highest personal injury awards in Colorado history. Whether you are heading to a settlement conference or a courtroom, our documentaries tell the story you need to win.

If you are interested in having Day in the Life videos produced for your law firm, contact Attorneys Online, Inc. today. You can call us at (800) 221-8424 for a free consultation.