Why Quality Content Matters for Your Legal Site

Posted on October 28th, 2013 by

Whenever the topic of SEO is brought up, high-quality content is a main point of discussion for your legal site. Google values high quality, unique and informative content above most other things when ranking websites. Making pages for users and not for search engines is something Google looks for, and it is what makes a website great. When writing content for your site, it is important to remember why Google is keeping tabs on content and less focus on link building.

Quality Content Answers User Questions

Google is now focusing on changing its algorithm to correctly answer user questions. With the release of Hummingbird, Google shifted from focusing on keywords to focusing on phrases and the meaning behind keywords. Instead of picking out individual words in a search, Google is focused on answering “closest Mexican restaurant to my house,” as opposed to giving you a list of highly rated Mexican restaurants in your state. How do you make sure your website answers user questions? Content. Content. Content. Use a blog or an FAQ page to dive into topics your business or organization covers. Frequently update your site with newsworthy information that is relevant to your business. Answer questions and talk about interesting topics with a unique tone that makes your site more useful for users than others.

Content Naturally Ties in Keywords

You do not need to keyword stuff to make sure your site shows up when certain words are used. Having a blog and multiple landing pages will make sure that your site’s keywords are tied seamlessly into your content. Google will recognize this and realize that your keywords are not simply thrown on a page, but you are updating your site with new, relevant, fresh content that your users want to read.

Your Credibility Relies on Content

Google is all about linking to credible websites, but where do you get your credentials? By doing honest SEO work. Update your website frequently and post eye-catching content that matters- do not simply toss words onto a page. Put thought into your work and make it relevant to your target audience. Update often and regularly, do not start a blog and then only post once a week. Three to five times a week is usually best for fresh content. Keep your ideas flowing by looking for newsworthy topics and local events. Google will recognize that your site is full of information users are looking for.

High-quality content is all the rage because it is exactly what Google is looking for. As search engines become more sophisticated, back-end and spammy SEO tactics work less and less. If you haven’t yet, start freshening up your content pages to keep up with the search engine rush.

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