Why is Everyone Talking About Penguin this Year?

SEO for Lawyers Made Easier

Earlier this year, Google unleashed its latest search engine algorithm with a deceptively-cute sounding name: Penguin. Penguin’s job is to clean up the search engine indexes and rankings—Google wants the best quality and naturally-searched law firm websites to be at the top of its page rankings. To accomplish this goal, the Penguin algorithm punishes websites with spam links, paid backlinks and excessive anchor text. (You know excessive anchor text, the unintelligible long list of phrases that mucks up the bottoms of pages and has absolutely no readability.)

Once Google Penguin was set free onto the web, many law firm web sites dropped significantly in search engine rankings, leaving many attorneys asking, why? Many large legal marketing firms and SEO companies have been using questionable tactics like spam links, paid back links and excessive anchor text to artificially improve page rankings. Thanks to Penguin, the bubble has now burst.

Penguin Sinks Attorney Marketing Behemoth that Used Unscrupulous SEO Tactics

One legal marketing giant with thousands of attorney-clients was hit particularly hard after the Penguin update. Some of the law firms’ websites dropped right off the map, and most attorneys had no idea what went wrong. Indeed, it was not the law firms’ fault, as they had unknowingly paid significant amounts of money to this firm for falsely manipulated page rankings and poor quality spam links.

The Penguin algorithm outsmarted lazy attorney marketing and SEO companies who cut corners and took the easy way out—at the law firm’s expense. And it is not over yet, as Penguin is updated on a regular basis to weed out and punish manipulative SEO tactics.

Our law firm marketing specialists knew this was coming and specifically avoided the devious tactics that Google now seeks to eliminate. This is why we swim with Penguin while other, larger legal marketing and SEO firms sink.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. Swims with Penguin by Using High-Quality SEO Content

Attorneys Online™, Inc. has been using social media and SEO long before the practices went mainstream for legal websites. We have never used paid link-building or excessive anchor text to falsely bolster page rankings. Every site that links to our clients’ webpages is scrutinized and tested to ensure its validity. We do not allow outbound links or “guest” bloggers from websites and companies our clients do not know—this sends the internet user away from the main site and implies someone or someplace else has better information.

As a result, our clients’ sites are free from spam links, dead backlinks or irreverent “fluff” meant to artificially bolster search engine rankings. We write high-quality web page content, blogs and eNewsletters exclusive to each of our clients that people find informative and interesting.

Our clients have always noticed the difference with the effectiveness of our marketing strategies, as well as the unsurpassed personalized service that our consultants offer. Many of our clients were former customers of the larger marketing firms, and they see and appreciate the differences every day.

Constantly Updated SEO Tactics Allow Websites to Flourish

Like a garden that needs watering and pruning, SEO tactics must be constantly tended for websites to flourish and blossom. Our research indicates that the addition of regular and fresh content coupled with increasing the number of relevant web pages and viable inbound links is the best comprehensive strategy in the aftermath of Penguin.

Our firm offers unsurpassed SEO services and Natural Algorithm Placement (NAP) annual renewals to build up the content of your site on a regular basis, as well as increase a website’s popularity via the acquisition of regular inbound links. Our NAP services include promoting your website by treating each page individually with proprietary optimization strategies to achieve the best placement on major web portals. Our NAP renewal consists of 12 pages per year for every 20 current pages; so if you have a 40 page site, you will receive 24 additional pages per year, etc.

Why are all these pages necessary, and what should they be about? Niche topics expand the searchability and organic placement of legal websites. For example, a personal injury attorney may wish to discuss a certain type of motor vehicle accident or construction accident, since prospective clients often look for specific answers for their exact situations before deciding on legal representation. Informative and specialized topics will drive your direct targeted audience to your main website.  We believe the main law firm site should continue to grow in bulk and the inclusion of niche practice websites will also help increase organic placement. Our eNewsletters and Social Media Management services also assist in increasing a website’s visibility and placement.

Video Blogging: Showcase Your Talents While Adding Quality Content

Besides written blogs about your practice areas and relevant legal current events, having a video blog is a great way to introduce yourself to prospective clients while improving your page ranking. We use Google-endorsed SEO tactics for the metadata and video transcripts. Video can also be posted to YouTube, which has recently surpassed Yahoo! in search engine traffic, second only to Google.

Social media and streaming video is the reality for many of our personal connections and is now essential for businesses, including law firms. As high speed internet has reached almost everyone’s mobile devices, this avenue of reaching prospective clients must be factored into the expansion of your necessary marketing techniques.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. has an in-house video production team headed by former movie and television producer Cheney Winslow. We produce high-quality video at an affordable cost, as video is not an area to scrimp. Whether you are camera-ready now or are in need of ample guidance, Cheney will put you at ease and make you look and sound your best for your video blog.

Contact our consultants today to evaluate your current marketing strategies and to discuss how to build and improve attorney advertising online and SEO for lawyers at your firm. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and see our marketing tips on our Legal Marketing Blog!