Synergize Web and Telephone Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion

Lawyers and firms who invest significant money on marketing and building lucrative websites need to know what strategies are working and what could use improvement. Internet users who visit your site can be tracked through sponsored advertisements, PPC campaigns, multi-channel tracking and Google Analytics. These services are indispensable; however, none of them are capable of tracking the origination of telephone inquiries.

You may think you do not need to track telephone calls—after all, your office staff already asks all prospective clients how they were referred to you, correct? Wrong. Simply knowing a call stemmed from “the internet” tells you nothing about your marketing investment return.

This is where Dynamic Number Insertion makes a considerable difference by integrating telephone and web tracking. Variant telephone numbers will appear to internet users depending on the path used to find you—what search engine was used, what keywords were typed, what email was read, what banner ad was clicked. This system is not the same as “branding” new numbers; your main telephone number will stay the same and will appear when users directly access your site. The dynamic telephone numbers appear only when a user finds the site through an indirect source.

When prospective clients call your firm with dynamic numbers, you will be provided a report that clearly shows the web trails. The ability to capture and quantify the full performance of your internet campaigns allows you to improve your marketing strategies, saving you money and ensuring your advertising dollars are being used judiciously.

Also discover more about our video production services for websites or television campaigns. Our CEO, Cheney Winslow, is a former television and movie producer who works closely with our in-house AV team and legal script writers to produce high-quality promotional videos.

For use on a website, the videos are typically produced in a Question and Answer format, so prospective clients can watch their common questions answered directly by you—the best source of information. The videos will be optimized for keywords and posted to your website and other online video sites, such as YouTube.

We also produce videos for television markets. Video production is not an area to scrimp; low-quality videos will have the opposite desired effect on viewers.  Our expertise in media placement and our in-house production staff allows clients to produce sophisticated television commercials at an affordable cost.

Whether you are camera-ready now or in need of ample guidance, we will ensure you look and sound your best to leave a favorable impression on your targeted audience.

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