Lights, Camera, Action! Premium Video Production for Television and Internet

We all know how important video is to our society.  From news to entertainment, streaming video can be accessed from home and work, or, thanks to mobile devices, anywhere in between. Savvy attorneys are beginning to understand that video has the potential to boost a law firm’s name recognition and search engine ranking. In addition to upgrading your website, video allows prospective clients to easily find and see the real you. Litigators, in particular, can help to seal the deal for potential clients by exhibiting a persuasive and compassionate presence—a necessary skill at trial before a judge or jury.

All attorneys can benefit from video, as prospective clients want a lawyer with whom they feel comfortable and trust, and seeing you in action is an important step forward in this direction. For use on a website, legal video is typically produced in a Question and Answer format. Prospective clients can watch their common questions answered directly by you—the best source of information. Informed clients are better prepared for attorney consultations and can save you time.

Video allows attorneys to reiterate thelaw firm’s branding and name recognition, making all other forms of advertisement more noticeable. Besides video for websites and internet, you can also star in distinctive and memorable video productions for commercial and television markets.

Not Quite Camera Ready? Let Attorneys Online™, Inc. Take the Reins

Video production is not an area to scrimp; poor-quality video has the opposite desired effect on viewers and is worse than no video at all. No marketing executive knows the value of quality video production better than Attorneys Online™, Inc. CEO Cheney Winslow. Cheney’s motto is do it right, or don’t do it at all.

A former television and movie producer, Cheney has a keen eye for video that highlights a person’s captivating style and demeanor. For those ill at ease, she is able to train attorneys to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Cheney’s expertise combined with our in-house production team allows clients to produce sophisticated and notable television and internet video at an affordable cost. Cheney also has the professional experience necessary for commercial media buys and even to shop full-length television shows for interested lawyers.

Whether you are camera-ready now or in need of ample guidance, we will ensure you look and sound your best to leave a favorable impression on your targeted audience.

Post Website Video to Boost SEO and Internet Traffic

It is not enough to have great video. Attorneys Online™, Inc. utilizes the latest techniques and technology to help get your content found and watched by prospective clients. Video has the potential to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and website traffic if embedded correctly. Keywords can be strategically added into the metadata, including the title, file name, URL and description. Video transcripts, in particular, are great opportunities for search engine crawlers to read and index for better organic placement in the natural search listings.

The major search engines have web crawlers that only search and scan video, and therefore a website with streaming video will be ranked higher than non-video websites. All avenues and websites in which video is embedded will also be optimized, such as YouTube channels, giving your website more back links to further boost your web presence.

Take SEO to the Next Level with Natural Algorithmic Placement (NAP)

While most legal marketing firms offer to optimize keywords and content, we go even further to take SEO to the next level. Our SEO services follow up our initial optimization efforts with Natural Algorithmic Placement, or NAP.  All SEO/NAP clients receive 12 new pages of optimized content, one per month, as well as a content refresh after the initial twelve months.

We will promote your video website pages by treating each individually with proprietary optimization strategies to achieve the best placement on major web portals such as Google, Bing and MSN. Video greatly helps to garner viable inbound links to increase the firm’s popularity with the major search engines.

Contact our consultants today to evaluate your current marketing strategies and to discuss how to build and improve attorney advertising online for your firm. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and see our marketing tips on our Law Firm Marketing Blog!