Hook and Reel Internet Surfers with Live Chat!

Imagine all the casual internet surfers who may have a legal claim in your geographic and practice area. Our research proves that internet users browse a law firm’s website multiple times before deciding to call or fill out the contact form. So what is holding them back? Maybe they are browsing at work or do not wish to be overheard telephoning a lawyer. Or perhaps they thought about filling out the contact form, but do not wish to wait for someone to call back. Every legal website needs an edge to lure in prospective clients and to establish a modicum of trust. And we have just the hook: Live Chat.

Live Chat service operators politely greet internet surfers to your website and invite them to ask questions. Available 24/7, the highly-trained operators engage the users to remain on your website and prevent them from jumping to the next. Prospective clients are most likely to retain the attorney who calls back first, and the service sends you the contact information instantly. Additionally:

  • Live Chat only charges for legitimate conversations where the issue was in your practice area and the person is located in your designated geographic areas.
  • You will immediately receive both the contact information and the copy of the chat transcript.
  • You are not billed for spam, fake questions or accidental chats.
  • There is no monthly fee, so you only pay for real client referrals.

One of our client’s websites received a viable inquiry to a Live Chat operator at four in the morning. Obviously, the legal problem was keeping this man up at night. Offering the Live Chat service provided extra support and a human touch, which was exactly what this man was seeking in the wee hours of the morning.

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