Google Shakes Things Up (Again!) With Penguin 2.0

Google released its first version of Penguin in April 2012, shaking up the SEO world with a search engine algorithm to bust sites filled with spam links, paid backlinks and excessive anchor text. Many web pages, especially law firm sites that were managed by companies using these questionable methods, saw a significant decrease in their search engine rankings. And, of course, just as everyone is getting it together, Google unleashes its newest force against search engine hacks: Penguin 2.0.

Penguin 2.0 brings new skills to the table. This update focuses on penalizing sites that are using poor-quality links. However, Penguin 2.0 also has the goal of rewarding sites doing ethical, organic SEO by building unique, original and relevant content with legitimate links. Penguin 2.0 also digs deeper into sites looking for spam and misconduct. It is getting more and more impossible to hide from crawlers and if your internal pages are compromised, Google’s all-knowing eye is going to find it eventually.

Get Solid Rankings by Having Quality SEO Content

When dealing with the Penguin upgrade, the basic rules of SEO stay the same—make sure you produce original and interesting content while naturally optimizing your website without paying for links, keyword stuffing or other unfavorable SEO tactics. The best ways to recover from Penguin 2.0 if your website took a hit is to analyze your links, look at your website in detail and review your anchor text.

Are your links relevant? Are sites that are linking to your website related to your industry or content? With Penguin 2.0, if irrelevant sites are linking to your website, this will actually hurt your ranking. Focus on sites related to your niche practice of law. Also, dive into your website and make sure your content is relevant and unique for every page. If you are posting the same profile on every page, this will harm your ranking. Make each page different, and draft different ways to call your clients to action.

Finally, check out your anchor text distribution. Your anchor text is keywords used as hyperlinks on your site that are highly searchable by internet users. Keyword use has changed over the years; it must be employed in moderation and have maximum readability. Incorporate your keywords into the natural sentences of content instead of making your anchor text look like an obvious marketing ploy. Penguin 2.0 knows the difference, trust us.

How Do You Use Backlinks?

Attorneys Online™, Inc. has been keeping up with SEO trends since before most people knew of the acronym. We offer only the best and most organic strategies for attorneys around the nation. We practice legitimate and Google-approved marketing strategies to make sure our client’s pages are high-quality and informative, not stuffed or burdened with questionable links and unnecessary keywords. We vet each directory to make sure it is viable before listing a law firm website on it to garner a back link. This is done consistently and on a regular basis. As we increase your links, your competitors are attempting to the do the same, so this is a non-stop process.

Video Plus Social Media is a Strategy You Cannot Afford to Pass Up

Video also plays a huge role in helping your rankings and getting on Penguin 2.0’s good side. YouTube remains the second largest search engine behind Google, and videos have a lot of potential for back links by closed captioning and metadata. Closed captioning provides YouTube search engine crawlers with tangible transcripts to rank video clips, and videos with closed captioning and written transcripts are consistently ranked higher than those who do not. Metadata includes a video’s title, description, name and relevant tags, all of which help search engines recognize keywords and improve rankings.

At Attorneys Online™, Inc., we have our own in-house video production team and host our client’s videos on YouTube while integrating them on their own sites and blog posts. Our CEO, Cheney Winslow, is a former television and movie producer with flair for finding what makes attorneys different and unique and showing that on film.

Intertwining your social media with video should be an integral part of your SEO strategy planning. Blasting out new videos and blogs including videos across your social web pages allows for organic back links and increased page views from your audience.