Feed eNewsletters to Search Engine Crawlers from Your Homepage!

Search engine crawlers (also called “bots” or “spiders”) are hungry. Ravenous for new information, the major search engines set loose multiple crawlers on different schedules to devour endless numbers of web pages daily. In order to provide instantaneous updating, the crawlers hunting most frequently do not travel deep into a website looking for sustenance—they may just scan the homepage looking for fresh meat.

Your law firm website will suffer in search engine results if you do not offer the crawlers new and stimulating content from your homepage on a regular basis.

Search engine crawlers are not scavengers; in fact, they are finicky. They know the difference between good and poor quality content when updating the indexes that produce the search engine results. The crawlers will not be satisfied with cut-and-paste legal information duplicative of other data on the web. Customized eNewsletters provide just the nourishment they need.

eNewsletters are legal articles written with prospective clients in mind. They are not “hard sells” for your law firm or fluff advertising pieces; the purpose is to provide interesting legal information in a straightforward manner. The topics will showcase insight into different areas of law relevant to your practice that is based on highly searched keywords.

eNewsletter Services for Homepage Updating, Email and Print Campaigns

The Attorneys Online™, Inc. eNewsletter service starts with five articles posted as pages on your law firm website.  A few titles and teasers will be featured on the homepage on a rotating basis. This homepage feature feeds the search engines crawlers the fresh content they desire. You have total control the over the topics as well as absolute editing privileges over the articles.

eNewsletters electrify your search rankings by:

  • Providing changing content on the homepage and the site itself for the search engine bots to crawl through and index;
  • Increasing the number of website pages and hot links on your site;
  • Using keywords targeted to your practice area so interested people can find you;
  • Offering teasers to give people a reason to linger on your site longer, which is a consideration for the ranking algorithms; and
  • Educating interested people about your practice areas so they convert into clients.

In addition to these benefits to your website, the eNewsletters can be used as email transmissions to past and current clients to keep in touch and to forward to interested friends and family members. The eNewsletter will be posted to the body of the email so all the links are hot and the email page is branded. This prevents eNewsletters from being transmitted as attachments (and ending up in people’s spam folders).

In addition to email, eNewsletter articles can be posted to your social media accounts and on legal websites. Hard copies of the articles can also be used in print campaigns, for reception room reading materials and to hand out at meetings or conventions.

Lure and Captivate the Crawlers with SEO for Maximum Search Rankings

Attorneys Online™, Inc. maximizes your firm’s natural search listings by concentrating on building web pages optimized with keyword phrases to capture the crawlers’ attention. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services include a two-part technique used to achieve higher search rankings.

First, we conduct an extensive keyword linguistics investigation to strategically embed heavily searched phrases into the text to improve the keyword density ratio. Our staff of professional legal writers understands that readability and quality is of the utmost importance, particularly when using the SEO technique. The crawlers pick up the keywords to bolster your page rankings when internet users search those phrases.

The second part of our SEO services is an annual optimization service called Natural Algorithmic Placement, or NAP. We promote your new content pages by treating each page individually with proprietary optimization strategies to achieve first search page placement on major web portals such as Google, Bing and MSN. The first year we regularly list the site with various viable portals, directories and review locations to help garner viable inbound links in order to continue to increase the firm’s popularity with the major search engines.

Contact our consultants today to evaluate your current marketing strategies and to discuss how to build and improve attorney advertising online for your firm. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and see our Legal Marketing Tips on our Law Firm Marketing Blog!