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Attorney Videos Are the New Frontier for Lawyer Marketing


At Attorneys Online™, Inc., we offer incomparable video production services for lawyer marketing, and attorney videos are now more important than ever. Former movie and television producer Cheney Winslow will be expertly guiding current and prospective clients to produce high-quality and informative video clips for posting on websites and disseminating online. According to Bronto Software, “Videos increase email click-through rates by 2x-3x.”

Cheney and her staff prompt clients with Q&A interviews to discuss a range of topics. Attorneys Online™, Inc. is able to edit and produce between 25 to 50 video segments during a half-day shoot. By taping the segments in front of a green screen and transposing suitable background locations for each video topic, this production work not only provides our clients with videos that look and sound great, but it also helps us gain additional information that can be used for new content and future expansion. We can film at location in your law office without using a green screen as well. E-commerce company Internet Retailer recently stated that, “Products that have a video are 85% more likely to be bought.” Our attorney-clients are also discovering that attorney videos are a great way of introducing themselves to internet users, making their prospective clients more comfortable in requesting a consultation.

One attorney-client of ours, a probate lawyer in California, recently had a great experience with a new client thanks to the videos we created. The client told him, “I feel like I already know you. I looked at your videos and felt comfortable coming in to see you.” He told Attorneys Online™, Inc. that he was very pleased with this result, “because they had seen me and heard me, they were not going into an attorney conference blind with no idea of the personality of the lawyer, and they felt comfortable coming to see me.”

Video presentations can clearly communicate your competitive advantages and increase your lead generation capabilities. As Internet speeds and mobile device streaming keep getting faster, our research clearly indicates that websites with video are consistently ranked higher than non-video sites. For example, Forrester Research has found that, “Websites that have a video are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google.” If you need to bolster your law firm’s online presence, don’t miss out on this convenient and cost-effective opportunity for full video production services while you are at the convention.

Meet our satisfied clients and check out what they are saying about our law firm video production services and more on our client testimonial page.

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