What the Heck is a Responsive Website—And Why Do I Need One?

Spring 2014 Lawyer Marketing Services Newsletter

Every day, people on the move are browsing the internet via smartphones and tablets. In fact, even the laptop computer has become something of a relic. But most websites are designed for PCs and large-screen monitors, which do not reflect the realities of today. Modern websites need to be accessible to users while also looking great on smaller screens. The latest law firm web design layouts are called “responsive sites,” which detect the resolution of the device and adapt a single layout to fit accordingly.

It is important to note the distinction between mobile, mobile-compatible and responsive sites. Mobile sites are small, scaled-down versions of a website—usually with only a few buttons and no visuals. Mobile-compatible sites are simply shrunken versions of the main site. It is hard to take in the full visual effect of a site (or read anything) when it looks so tiny! On the other hand, images and text on responsive websites move to best fit the device, putting important information at the top while still maintaining all the text and visuals from the main site. If you want to see this in action, view the Attorneys Online™, Inc. responsive website on your smartphone or tablet.

All of our responsive websites and law firm website design templates feature an UberMenu, an easily navigable menu system that lets users access the specific content they need from the top of the page. Simply hover over an item on the UberMenu and all of the relevant pages appear. Furthermore, UberMenus can house a consultation request form where users can type in their contact information and circumstances.

Is Your Content Keeping Up with Google Hummingbird?

Google changed its search algorithm a few months back and we ensure that our clients are ahead of the curve for this new search criteria. Instead of organizing search results simply by connecting relevant keywords and page titles, the latest algorithm, Hummingbird, basically lists search results in order of their usefulness in answering questions. Hummingbird is Google’s answer to query-based search terms. Now, users can ask Google a question, such as “Where can I find a personal injury lawyer?” and Google will respond with personal injury lawyers in the user’s local area.

To keep our clients at the top of the natural listings, we have altered our content and blog writing style. Our article titles match common queries and our meta-descriptions, the bits of text that appear under the headline of a search result, are the answers to the queries. This way, people needing representation can identify relevant information quickly and efficiently—making pages inherently more informative boosts the site’s organic search placement.

Reveal Your Personality to Prospective Clients with Video Production

Every day, more of our clients report that people connect with them through video. Video provides the necessary human element to any website, particularly when you are selling yourself and your reputation. Video gives your potential clients a chance to see the real you, your values and your story. We provide the level of approachability where your clients feel like they have already met you…making it more likely that they call for a consultation. Furthermore, our research indicates that video websites consistently rank higher in the natural listings than non-video sites.

Our CEO, Cheney Winslow, is a former movie and television producer. One of our attorneys said recently that Cheney’s “experience in video marketing…comes through in the professional quality of the work she’s doing with us.” Another attorney told us that his new client came to his office specifically because she felt comfortable with his personality after watching his videos. Another law firm had a person fill out the consult form on the video page that said she looked at a number of attorneys, but felt this firm most reflected her own faith and values. Don’t just take our word for it—check out all our video testimonials!

At an Attorneys Online™, Inc. video shoot, Cheney and her staff prompt clients with Q&A interviews to discuss a range of topics. Attorneys Online™, Inc. is able to edit and produce between 25 and 50 video segments during a half-day shoot. We offer clients the option of taping the segments at their offices, or at a one of the many legal conferences we attend throughout the nation. If your office is not quite camera-ready, we can use a green screen and transpose suitable background locations for each video topic. This production work not only provides our clients with videos that look and sound great, but it also helps us gain additional information that can be used for new content and future expansion.

We utilize multiple cameras in every shot for smooth editing and a polished finished product. We provide the videographer, director and make-up artist so you look and sound your best, even if this is your first time in front of professional cameras. Many of our videos show up #1 on page 1 of Google because we are giving the search engine what it wants: answers to questions people ask their smartphones, given with authority and passion by our law firm clients.