Why Is My Website Traffic Dropping?

Posted on February 10th, 2015 by

Social Media ConceptsPeople hate the idea of all their hard work going to waste. That’s why it is especially disconcerting when despite all the effort you have put into your website, not only can’t you increase the traffic visiting it, but the number of visitors your site receives actually begins to drop.

In most cases, when the amount of traffic visiting a website begins to fall off, especially if the drop is sudden and/or steep, it happens for one of two reasons: ineffective or outdated search engine optimization (SEO) methods or a Google penalty.

What Are Some Examples of Poor SEO Methods and Google Penalties?

  • Bad links – linking to poor quality websites, hiding links on your site or selling links.
  • Website penalties – Google uses algorithms, such as Penguin and Panda, to find and penalize websites for reasons such as: too little text or content, employing deceptive practices, trying to influence search engine results through artificial means, poor quality content or backlinks that are paid, unnatural or use over-optimized keywords.
  • Backlink removal – a website where you have backlinks goes offline or removes the link to your site.
  • Bad SEO – a competitor creating harmful backlinks to your website, resulting in a Google penalty.
  • Content changes – not keeping your content fresh and/or not posting content regularly.
  • Improved competition – your competitors improve their content and SEO practices, which causes them to leap you in the Google rankings.
  • Indexing problems – mistakes in your robots.txt file, broken internal links, a difficult to use and find navigation area or an improperly setup sitemap.
  • Failure to set up local listings – Business listings will boost your SEO for local searches if set up properly.

How Can I Increase Traffic to My Website After a Drop?

If your website’s traffic has fallen off, you will need to act quickly and improve on several fronts to help it improve, including:

  • Set up your local business listings properly.
  • Obtain more reviews on sites connected to your business listings.
  • Audit your current content, weed out your weakest webpages and improve your remaining pages.
  • Audit the links on your website to ensure they are still active.
  • Add new content that is all high quality.
  • Audit the backlinks leading to your website to make sure they are still active and leading from websites with good reputations.

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