We Just Returned From an Awesome Video Shoot with the Shapiro Law Group

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The video production team at Attorneys Online, Inc just got back from Bradenton, Florida after an awesome video shoot with the Shapiro Law Group. We had a great time gathering footage and learning more about retinopathy of prematurity, attorney Richard Shapiro’s main focus. Shapiro’s team was welcoming and great on camera; they made our job so easy and we are excited to put together all the pieces to create a comprehensive video collection on baby blindness and its devastating effects on entire families.

Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a condition that affects premature infants. ROP is the most common cause of visual loss in children and it can lead to permanent vision impairment and blindness. If there is a delay in diagnosis or proper treatment is not exercised, permanent blindness can be the result.

Attorney Richard Shapiro focuses on cases where a child is blind of visually impaired due to doctor or hospital negligence in diagnosing, monitoring or treating ROP. Shapiro has been handling ROP cases for over 10 years, and the videos we shot will give a true insight to his passion and knowledge regarding medical malpractice and ROP.

Videos for attorneys and law firms give potential clients an opportunity to get to know the lawyers before meeting them in person. Video build an instant, human connection to the attorney on-screen and gives users a feel for the personality of the firm. Rather than reading words on a page, videos give potential clients the opportunity to humanize the attorney and give a face to a name. The production team at AOI offers full-service video production, including on-location filming, a professional director, B-Roll, green screens, professional copywriting and more. We can help optimize your website and give potential clients a new way to see what your law firm does and the personality of your attorneys.

Let us give your legal website a makeover. If you are interested in our video production or other attorney marketing services, contact the Attorneys Online, Inc office today for a consultation.

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