The Importance of Voice-Based Searches for SEO

Posted on July 27th, 2015 by

businessman hand show book of success businessEvery year automated voice translation is becoming more and more accurate and commonplace. 2015 will be no exception, as we should see an increase in voice-based searches, which could have a heavy impact on SEO algorithms. As such, search engine algorithms will improve in how they handle the intricacies of voice search, which can differ from a search typed on a keyboard.

The Difference Between Semantics and Keywords

Voice searches differ from keyboard searches in that a person is more likely to search conversationally than they would typing on a keyboard. As such, they rely more on semantic searches than keyword searches.

A semantic search tries to give a user the best results by attempting to understand the user’s intent and contextual meaning, while keyword searches have traditionally relied on strict adherence to specific keywords. The semantic search can often be more helpful than a keyword search.

Why Are Voice Searches Becoming More Popular?

Google and Apple, arguably the two leading companies for voice-based technologies, have optimized, and will continue to optimize, how search engines handle a more conversational search.

Google has added a microphone icon on its search bar for voice-based searches and Apple has improved Siri on iPhones. Both innovations make searching much more practical for smartphone users, especially if they are in a hurry or in a car. This convenience will increase the influence of voice-based searches, which rely more on semantics than keywords, as more people become smartphone owners.

For instance, if I ask Siri or a computer for a nearby lawyer using only the keywords “nearest Austin lawyer,” I get an entire list of lawyers in my area. However, if I ask Siri a question like one I would use in conversation, such as “Where is the closest lawyer to me?” I get the specific answer I was looking for: a law office that is less than a block away from me. Try it out yourself!

How Many People Use Voice-Searches?

According to an SEO article on the Forbes website, 55 percent of teens already use voice searches, while adults are 15 percent less likely to use the voice search. However, the number of adults using voice search will probably rise when these teens become adults.

Obviously, the optimization of this new technology could convert further people to voice searches in the years to come.

Keep On Top of the Latest SEO Trends

For the time being, keyboard searches still outnumber voice searches, but the massive gap is closing. It is important for companies to keep up with news regarding voice searches so that they can improve their websites accordingly.

Keywords are unlikely to go away, but it does not hurt to pay attention to internet users most common whole sentences and long-tail keywords when they search for something in your field.

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