Client Testimonials About Attorney Marketing Services and Law Firm Advertising

I’m Julie Braman Kane. I’m a partner at Colson Hicks Eidson, a law firm in Miami, Florida. We also have offices in Washington and New Orleans. There have been multiple cases where we’ve decided to go into a type of case where Attorneys Online™ has responded within 24 hours with everything we’ve asked for and suggestions for more. Everything from getting us internet placement to helping us update our website to make it appropriate, and interestingly, we have been very successful through our website in having new cases come in through the web based on the content they’ve recommended.

I would personally recommend Attorneys Online™ to other attorneys who looking either to just to update their website or to do other things that we’ve used them for. Video services, where I know Cheney Winslow has over 30 years’ experience in video marketing, which is just wonderful and comes through in the professional quality of the work she’s doing with us. Basic PR and marketing materials that come through Attorneys Online™ are just wonderful. Their ability to coordinate with our PR firm has just been stupendous, and we’ve been generally very, very happy with the company. I would highly recommend Attorneys Online™ to other attorneys looking to make changes in these areas.

Julie Braman Kane
Colson Hicks Eidson

I had been searching for somebody to help continue the task of helping these babies that have become blinded from ROP. And how do we spread the word? And so I hired a web firm, and that firm really didn’t take the ball by the hand and run with it. And because of that, through word of mouth, some of the really fine law firms in America that I know, I heard about Cheney Winslow and about Attorneys Online™. And that’s the reason that I’m here. We are going to help together; we are going to help stomp out the blindness.

Richard Shapiro
Shapiro Law Group

Hi, I’m Charles Triay with the Triay Law Office in Oakland, California. I’ve been relying on Cheney and Attorneys Online™ to handle my website for many years now. We’ve recently ramped that up tremendously with Search Engine Optimization and AdWords and all sorts of other social media aspects to it, and I couldn’t be happier. I recommend her highly.

Charles Triay
Triay Law Office

Amanda, Cheney, and all of your team, of some recent feedback.

A couple of clients have told me that they really liked the website.

Yesterday, half way through a new client conference, the client said, “I feel like I already know you. I looked at your videos, and felt comfortable coming in to see you.” That’s pretty good stuff. Because they had seen me and heard me, they were not going in to an attorney conference blind, with no idea of the personality of the lawyer. And, they felt comfortable coming to see me.

I haven’t yet landed the million dollar case from the website, but have landed several smaller routine cases, the kind that pay the bills.

Thanks to all of you for your good work on my behalf.

Charles Triay
Triay Law Office

I’m Tom Doehrman with the law firm Doehrman Chamberlain, and we have used the internet to communicate with potential clients for many years. I’m here to tell you that we have finally found a business that has met our needs, that is receptive to what we want and is on the cutting edge of technology – and that’s Attorneys Online™. I would wholeheartedly recommend Attorneys Online™ to your law firm to handle your internet marketing needs and social networking. They are on the cutting edge. They’re a wonderful group of folks to work with. They’re very responsive, and you’ll feel the personal attention that I know at our law firm we’ve received for a number of years.

Tom Doehrman
Doehrman Buba

Hi, my name is Richard Dodd. I’m an attorney in Texas. I’m with Cappolino, Dodd and Krebs, and we have offices in Conroe, near Houston, in Austin, in Temple and in Cameron, Texas. We do a lot of asbestos work, and we also do a lot of child birth injury work. You know, as attorneys, I’ve thought about this marketing a lot. I’ve had other companies that I’ve hired in the past, and I’ve been very dissatisfied. I’ve been with Attorneys Online™, Inc. now for eight years, so I can recommend them to you. And even though you might not think, “Well, I’m getting the results I really want right now” today, stick with it. The results will come to pass.

Richard Dodd
Cappolino Dodd Krebs LLP

Latti & Anderson had been looking for a web marketing firm for a while. We had been with some of the major companies and were disappointed with the results we had with them and then had been with a local company that didn’t specialize in attorney marketing. So what appealed to us regarding Attorneys Online™ that was geared towards attorneys, it was a family-run business, it had women who ran the business and that gave, for me, a very certain perspective that you don’t get in other marketing firms. We have been with them for over a year; the service has been great. We get monthly and updated reports, which I’ve never received from the other companies. They are doing my blogging, which is tremendous, because that’s very difficult to do and we have received many inquiries. Prospective clients can either call us on the phone, or they can send an email to us. And we’ve gotten people from all over the United States, so it’s working very well. And I would highly recommend that you call and speak to them and use them for your web marketing.

Carolyn Latti
Latti & Anderson LLP

I don’t know what you are doing but, IT IS WORKING!!! We are getting calls every day (average 5 or so) and 90% are exactly on point with what we do! It has been amazing. We are really impressed and thankful ☺

Farren Marie Sheehan
Sheehan Law, PLLC

The return we are realizing from the website has been exceeding our expectations!

Micah Bailey
Purdy & Bailey, A Law Firm

Big case so the blog worked very well.

The blogging about the accidents works well because the families read everything on the internet about what was written.  I think it is good when we personalize about if we had a similar accident or result. She liked reading that we represented prior burn injury clients.

Carolyn Latti
Latti & Anderson LLP

I am looking to start re-start my marketing campaign at the beginning of 2013. I feel like you guys are still working though…because I have continued to get new clients from referrals from the clients I got through your services, PLUS callbacks from prior consultations through your services!!! Sooo… I am still very busy over here.

Jemelle Cunningham
LAD Law Group

Great job. It is working very well. We get a good percentage of our business from the Internet thanks to you. We appreciate what you have done.

Michael J. Pender, Esq.
Targan & Pender, P.C.

This is all anecdotal at the moment, but I have seen a substantial increase in calls received into the office from the website since you made the last adjustments. We did get a call that resulted in a consult appointment last Friday, and we got another call today who booked an appointment. So, that is two appointments from web-based referrals in the past two weeks. My assistant is keeping detailed notes and I will send that out later. I just wanted to give you a favorable partial report right now.

Ronald Allen Johnston
Johnston Family Law

C and A:

Nice improvement in Google and YMSN . . . especially Google. Went backwards on Superpages a little. Overall though, significant improvement . . . thanks.

Neil S. Sader
The Sader Law Firm

Here is the latest response from last night. He has not responded yet to my e-mail and phone call but I will let you know if it turns into a case. I also got a phone call on 7-16-10 from someone who was in a minor accident with a drunk driver.

I appreciate you and the team looking out for me! Whatever you and your team are doing sure seems to be working! It is just a matter of time until one of these results in a good case. Maybe I will get to buy dinner in Miami!

I sincerely appreciate all you and your team do for me. I hope the web site generates additional business for me and we have a long and profitable relationship!

Frederick M. Dudek
Dudek Law Firm APC

I have dealt with Attorneys Online™ for about 2 years now. I have utilized several different web design companies including Findlaw, Law Info & None of the other companies provided the same personal level of interest in getting the web site set up to maximize the production of fee paying clients. The personal attention from the various people that I worked with on various aspects of the project was completely different than the larger companies.

I would expect that if your firm went with this company, you will also enjoy the benefits of smaller web design company that is focused on helping you build a practice with the power of Google & the internet.

David A. Ast, Esq.
David Alan Ast, P.C.

Yes, traffic has been picking up the last week or so for sure. Also got one via phone call (from the website). Met with them yesterday, and they plan to hire me at their payday. Thanks for y’all’s work on marketing it!

Christy Harris
Family Law and Criminal Law

We got 10 calls for Bankruptcy on Monday 4/19/10—that’s the most we ever gotten in one day.

Linda B.

It is working. People are going to my website and filing out the form. I have gotten some clients. I hope to get many, many more!! Keep up the good work!!

Bryan W. Clickner
Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C.

Dear Attorneys Online™: Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our internet presence. Our visibility on the web has improved dramatically thanks to all your hard work. Before you came on board it was difficult to even find our websites online, but now we are routinely appearing on the first or second page of Google and Yahoo. Customer calls and emails have increased dramatically. Now we are getting more intakes than ever. Your patience and clear explanations helped us to understand what we are purchasing and how it works. Now we feel that we have a much better online business and we look forward to a continued successful working relationship.

Craig Brown
Cappolino Dodd Krebs LLP

Hi Amanda,

I was actually going to e-mail you today. Business has picked up *big time* since the internet campaign.
I got three new clients and three potentials on the way. I have especially picked up a lot of business from people who do not live in the Milwaukee area, but live somewhere in Wisconsin. So I am really happy about it!

Davorin Odrcic
Immigration Law Office of Davorin J. Odrcic

I don’t know how I came in contact with Cheney, but everyone I have met or used at Attorneys Online™/Askthelawyers has been wonderful. I have been using their services for over two years [or however long it has been]. I have used the company to design of our website (, host our website, and assist us with internet advertising. We are getting regular activity which has lead to our earning more revenue as a firm. Everyone at Attorneys Online™ has been courteous, professional and very prompt with providing first-rate service. I was skeptical being in Atlanta, Georgia and using a company in California, but it has worked out better than I could have imagined. A special thanks goes to Lisa and Summer for taking my calls at all hours and promptly responding to my questions.

Stephen D. Apolinsky, Esq.
Apolinsky & Associates, L.L.P.

I have dealt with Attorneys Online™ for about two years now. I have utilized several different web design companies including Findlaw, Law Info and None of the other companies provided the same personal level of interest in getting the web site set up to maximize the production of fee-paying clients. The personal attention from the various people that I worked with on various aspects of the project was completely different than the larger companies.

I would expect that if your firm went with this company, you will also enjoy the benefits of smaller web design company that is focused on helping you build a practice with the power of Google and the internet.

David A.

I’m happy with the blog and website. The SEO appears to be great because I’m getting lots of website inquiries.

Keep up the good work! And thank you.

Matthew S.

Attorneys Online, Inc. does a great job on my web site!  They are the third web site company I hired and they produced the best results, by far.  I received many positive comments regarding the web site, as well as excellent clients.  They are very responsive and continually update the site with useful information.

Frederick M. Dudek
Dudek Law Firm APC

If you would like more information about how Attorneys Online™, Inc. can help your firm with its law firm website design and attorney marketing, please contact our consultants today.