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What Kinds of Videos Can Help My Law Firm Attract Clients?

It’s no secret that video marketing is becoming essential for businesses advertising online. But do potential legal clients really watch attorney videos, and if so, what kinds of videos are most likely to result in conversions? Brand Videos: Brand videos are an incredibly useful tool for introducing your potential clients to your attorneys in a personal and interactive way. It can be difficult for potential clients to make the decision to pick up a phone and to call an attorney. Brand videos allow these potential clients to learn about your firm and to develop a more personal connection with your attorney, making them much more likely to take the first step and make a phone call. Case studies and client testimonials: If you want to demonstrate your attorneys’ successes, there are few better ways to do so than to showcase case studies and client testimonials on your website. These testimonials…
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Are Videos Important for My Website’s Search Rankings?

Why are videos important for making sure that your website stands out in online rankings? In order to maximize your site’s potential and attract viewers, it is important to keep up a constant flow of fresh, relevant and creative content. This content can come in a variety of forms, but videos are rapidly becoming one of the most important forms of online advertising. How can videos help draw more clients to a law firm? Many potential clients find that video helps form a connection with the featured attorney. It can be difficult for someone who is seeking an attorney online to choose to reach out without being able to see and listen to an attorney expressing his or her knowledge and expertise in their practice areas. By forging this simple connection, clients are more inclined to pick up their phones or to fill out an online contact form. Furthermore, according…
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SEO Is More than Keywords: You Need Social Media

We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art (perhaps I’m biased because I’m so involved in the department, or perhaps I’m right because I’m smart).  We know that you have to carefully select keywords, update meta tags, link to appropriate pages within the sites, avoid black hat tricks, get solid inbound links, etc. – but did you also know that social media can make that easier for you? Social media has become a part of the way people use the web. It’s become so integrated in web use that search engines are beginning to take notice of how your site is involved in social media, and it’s starting to count. Take a few minutes and set up a Twitter account (or call us and we can do it quickly).  There are plug-ins that will update your Twitter account every time you update your blog.  According to HubSpot,…
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