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AOI Launches Oklahoma’s Michael Merchant Law!

Attorneys Online Inc. is proud to introduce our newest client and member of the AOI family—Michael Merchant Law. Michael Merchant is a personal injury attorney from Oklahoma that has over 16 years of experience fighting for victims in car accidents, medical malpractice cases and other personal injury accidents. “Michael Merchant Law is a great addition to our family, they bring over a decade and a half of experience to the table,” said Attorneys Online, Inc. CEO Cheney Winslow. “Merchant has an outstanding reputation for professionalism and diligence, and AOI is proud to provide legal marketing for this firm.” If you or a loved one has been injured in Oklahoma, you can contact Michael Merchant Law at (405) 722-0077 for a free consultation—you will be in good hands! Attorneys Online, Inc.—Legal Marketing Experts since 1998  

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Google and Bing Certified Partner

Attorneys Online™, Inc. continue to do everything we can to set us apart from the competition. Google and Bing recognize our business as a qualified representative of their AdWords marketing program. Unlike a “Certified AdWords Profession”, who must only pass Google’s exam, “company” status means that your business has reached an advanced level of excellence with Google’s program. We have demonstrated our superiority through a large and far-reaching clientele and by executing responsibility that is needed to manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing income. Continually Striving to Excellence Our legal marketing experts offer our clients a range of original marketing media for each day of the week. Our materials range from tailor-made blog posts and expert press releases, to amusing tips on Twitter. Our services make social media effortless, and enhance it for the best return rate to your business. Attorneys Online™, Inc. offers branding to our clients…
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The Importance Of Being Branded

Here in Texas some people will give you a strange look if you start talking about “corporate branding.” They’re automatically thinking of the way ranchers brand their cattle to delineate ownership. Let’s just clear this up right now, no fiery-hot branding irons will be involved in your relationship with Attorneys Online™, Inc. Aside from that, though, the differences between a cattle brand and a corporate brand are not really all that different – in concept anyway. Brands for cattle are simple, but unique. It truly is the unique part that is the most important. The idea that a simple visual cue would convey so much important information is the key. Ranchers need other ranchers to be able to easily recognize their brand on the hide of a moving (mooing…moo-ving) surface. That visual recognition of a symbol protects their investments. With the pace at which modern day life moves your logo…
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