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January 2013: Our Greatest Pay Per Click Results Ever!

Our Pay Per Click services are a great way to target your advertising to internet users searching for your relevant practice areas. Pay Per Click, or Sponsored Natural Ad Placement (SNAP, as we call it) are banner ads that we design to appear based on the user’s natural internet searches. We have been retooling our Pay-Per-Click advertising to make it as effective as possible, and January 2013 was our greatest month ever! The conversion rate, or the number of internet users who turn into clients, is up 49.80 percent. The form submission rate, or the number of contact forms users fill out from the ads, is up 29.25 percent. The click-through rate, or the percentage of ad viewers who view the ad and click on it, is up an astonishing 103.33 percent! Thanks to our team of Pay Per Click staffers who work very hard to increase website traffic and…
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Two Truths and a Lie About Our New Managing Editor!

Attorneys Online, Inc. was heartbroken to learn that our esteemed Managing Editor, Beckie McDowell, would be leaving our company. Beckie was a great colleague and friend to all who knew her–and a bankruptcy expert to boot! We wish her and her husband Mike the best of luck for their new lives in the City of Brotherly Love. We are proud to announce that the former assistant editor, Kimberly Busch, is now taking the reigns as the new Managing Editor of AOI. In honor of her new position, we are offering the famous icebreaker “Two Truths and a Lie!” 1. Kim spent 4 years as a divorce and child custody attorney. 2. Kim rides her bike every day to the office, rain or shine. 3. Kim obtained her undergraduate degree with honors in English (how many years ago is confidential, however.) Guess which one is the lie—Kim will spill the beans…
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Live Chat Results Exceed Expectations

The results are in: Live Chat makes a significant difference for our clients’ websites and prospective client intakes. We began offering this service last year, and we have been closely following the responses for each of our clients. We now know for sure that clients with the Live Chat application on their websites and blogs get more prospective client inquires than websites without it. So what is Live Chat, and how does it work? Live Chat service operators politely greet internet users when they land on a law firm website. This offers users a chance to ask questions and make a real connection with the firm. The operators respond 24/7, and they engage users to remain on your site. The service send the law firm viable inquiries immediately, which is important as the attorney that calls the prospective client back first has the best chance at snagging the case. Additionally:…
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