Struggling to Pay Student Loans? Watch This Video

Posted on April 9th, 2015 by

Right now, the White House is looking into the possibility of expanding bankruptcy discharge options for student loan borrowers. However, this will take some time to become law, and it may never come to fruition. In the meantime, is there anything struggling individuals and families can do when they are heavily weighed down by student loan debt?

In our new video, Kansas City bankruptcy attorney Neil Sader discusses the struggles many people have in the many years it takes to pay back their student loan debt. While most student loan debt cannot be discharged through bankruptcy, this does not mean borrowers are out of luck. In addition to the possibility of reducing student loan debt through hardship discharge or negotiation with lenders, those filing bankruptcy can free themselves from other debt. This means more money in the budget to tackle those student loan payments.

In our new video, Neil addresses the following topics and more, which are not only useful to those living in the Kansas City area, but throughout the nation:

  • What is a hardship discharge and who qualifies?
  • Do medical emergencies qualify as a hardship?
  • What about adult cosigners to children’s student loans?
  • What type of bankruptcy is best to tackle student loans?
  • Is there anything a person can do about student loans if they do not qualify for hardship discharge?

Note The Sader Law firm has a history of doing well for their student loan clients. The bankruptcy firm was featured in Missouri Lawyers Weekly for reducing a client’s student loan debt by over $250,000. Check out The Sader Law Firm’s bankruptcy website for more information.