Step by Step Law Firm Marketing Strategy

In order to create a customized marketing strategy for your law firm, we will take a look at what you firm has previously tried, find out what the effectiveness of these strategies was, and create a new approach. We will then continue to talk to you about how this new plan is working and adjust as needed.

1. Evaluation of Current Attorney Marketing Plan

  • The process begins by evaluating the previous and current marketing strategies utilized. Interviews are done with each Department Head to determine the best positioning statement and branding statement for the Firm.All promotion avenues (Print, TV, Public Relations, Sponsorship, etc.) are researched and analyzed.

2. Legal Marketing Strategy Development

  • Next, this research is used to develop the marketing strategy step by step. Budgets are finalized, campaign ideas are submitted and approved, promotional avenues are selected.

3. Lawyer Marketing Campaign Creation

  • Each campaign is then created via the design of print ads, writing of press releases, event and seminar organization, etc.

4. Implementing New Law Firm Marketing Strategy

  • The campaigns are implemented. Ads are placed, events and seminars are conducted, press releases are transmitted and followed up on for interview and article placement, etc.

5. Evaluation of New Attorney Marketing Plan

  • The effectiveness of each campaign is individually analyzed based on the results and value yielded. Modifications are made as necessary.

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