Social Media for Legal Marketing

Attorneys Online™, Inc. is at the Forefront

The internet is changing, and Social Media has become a major player in internet marketing. Now more than ever, Social Media outlets have a powerful role in internet visibility and is a key component of any law firm marketing plan.

Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s team specializes in managing your company’s online brand by implementing marketing campaigns though Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. We use legal blogs and press releases to create information and disseminate that information through the various platforms, giving our law firm clients as much exposure as possible and increasing backlinks to your law firm website. We make sure your law firm’s voice has the personal touch necessary to achieve successful connections.

Our Social Media services include:

  • Legal blogging
  • Setup and maintenance of Social Media accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+
  • Disseminating blog posts, press releases and commentary across the web using Social Media

Contact the legal marketing professionals at Attorneys Online™, Inc. today to discuss your law firm marketing strategy and how Social Media can further your goals.