How Social Media Works With SEO for Law Firm Websites

Posted on January 22nd, 2016 by

Social media has become one of the most confusing marketing tools for firms in the legal field to navigate. This has turned it into a bit of a boogieman that scares just as many people as it delights, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use social media to your marketing advantage. While social media does not necessarily have instant benefits regarding SEO for law firm websites, over time, it can improve your organic rankings.

How Does Social Media Work With Marketing?

First thing you must realize is that social media isn’t a direct tool for sales. As a matter of fact, you usually get a backlash if you try to sell your services over social media. Yes, internet trolls may pop up from time to time. However, this doesn’t mean social media is useless! It is a tool, and for the tool to work, you have to use it properly.

How To Use Social Media

In order to see gains from social media, you have to use it to enhance your content—such as blogs and newsletters—but you also have to provide interaction if you really want to maximize what social media can do for you. This means posting about what’s happening around the firm, sharing interesting things in the community, putting up pictures of fun stuff, and talking to the people in your online network.

How Social Media Works With SEO for Law Firm Websites

These interactions can be a slow game, but they will improve your reputation and brand over time. This will increase your visibility and eventually improve your SEO standings. Google doesn’t directly use social media presence in its rankings, but its bots do search social media sites for the latest in particular topics. Twitter, as we wrote about a few weeks ago, is now showing up at the top of Google searches. That means if you use and are mentioned in social media frequently, your SEO rankings will go up for your website.

Handling social media takes a skilled touch—someone who understands both SEO and content—so having a marketing firm that understands these nuances is essential for any law firm. Attorneys Online, Inc. has been handling online marketing solutions since 1998. We can add that personal touch to your social media and help it work for you.