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Posted on March 16th, 2012 by

By Beckie McDowell
Managing Editor, Attorneys Online, Inc.

A client recently asked us about putting social media buttons in his email signature. Another attorney had them in HIS email signature, and our client liked them and wanted to know if using them is a good idea.

Social media buttons are everywhere, and people use them and like them. Why not? They’re brightly colored, easy to see and instantly recognizable. Also, people like pushing buttons.


Of course, links to your social media accounts from your email signature are a great but subtle way to tell people to follow you and look at your social media. Linking to these accounts encourages traffic to your social media, which will in turn encourage traffic to your firm website. In that regard, we strongly encourage any law firm or attorney marketing with social media to include in their email signatures links to their Twitter, Facebook, blogs, LinkedIn accounts or any other social media sites on which they have a presence.

HOWEVER (that’s a big “however”), we recommend not using these buttons. When you use these buttons, you could be adding images as attachments to your email. Often, these attachments will cause your email to get caught in the recipient’s spam filter, which means your social media message will reach no one (and neither will that important email above the buttons in which you asked for an emergency deadline extension).

Therefore, we recommend that instead of using the buttons, you simply embed hyperlinks to your social media accounts in your email signature. For example:

Rebecca K. McDowell
Managing Editor, Attorneys Online, Inc.


Bottom line? Yes, add links to your social media pages in your email signature, but don’t use the buttons. Embed as hyperlinks without any tricky attachments, and you should be good to go.

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