Sponsored Net Ad Placement (SNAP™)

Pay Per Click and Click to Call Marketing Campaigns

Pay Per ClickAttorneys Online™, Inc. offers “Pay Per Click” and “Click to Call” campaigns on Google. Paid search engine marketing places your listings (ads) at the top of organic search results for keywords in your campaign. Paid search engine marketing is more effective and economical than banners or other Internet ads, because only relevant search queries from within your targeted geographic areas will trigger your ad. We target only the cases you want in the locations you serve. We have had excellent results with these campaigns for our clients.

A cost is incurred only when your ad is clicked through and routed to your website, or when your office is called directly from a mobile search ad with Google’s “Click to Call.” The actual cost per click varies based on the keyword and market competition. Clicks are billed directly from the search engines, which is separate from Attorneys Online™, Inc. fees. Additional paid search engine marketing options include Image Display Ads (image ads are placed on search engine partner sites and can be clicked on like text ads) and Remarketing ads (cookies attached to web browsers prompt your display ads on other websites, which link back to your website).

How Does Pay Per Click and Click to Call Work?

We will first recommend to you a monthly budget tailored to your location and practice areas, but you decide how much to spend. Campaigns that are set up and administered by Attorneys Online™, Inc. are performance driven. For instance, statistics have shown that ads in the top positions perform best. We accordingly administer your campaign so that top of the page ad placement is achieved. A high-quality landing page designed to encourage further contact with your office will also be created for your campaign by our web designers. We also track the actions an interested person has taken after clicking an ad to contact your office, such as phone calls or form submissions.

Our fee encompasses the management of your campaign, including market and keyword research, campaign creation, weekday campaign monitoring and regular optimization. The keyword bids are frequently updated by our SNAP™ department to maintain and adjust your position in the search results. A keyword performance report is sent to you each month to track your results. As-needed consultations with our SNAP™ department to review and make changes to your account are included with our service at no additional charge.

How We Determine and Maintain Your Top Positions?

  • We research which available keywords and phrases will work best for you, consult with you, and then place our bids. It can take several days to be notified as to which terms were successfully purchased. The campaign then begins.
  • Recommendations are made, as necessary, for revisions to the content on your website in order to optimize the results of our marketing strategy.
  • We regularly monitor and evaluate your campaigns. Modifications and bid adjustments are made when necessary to keep your website in the top listings.
  • There will be execution and electronic delivery of monthly reports of your accounts, which shows detailed activity on each search term.
  • There will be communication with you, as necessary, when bidding on terms becomes more competitive and if the budget depletes before the end of the month. We will give regular feedback about the number of “hits,” which words are working, and so on.

We offer competitive rates for fees, plus your law firm’s keyword buy budget that is paid directly to Google. If you are interested in having Attorneys Online™, Inc. set up a PPC Internet Marketing campaign as part of your attorney marketing strategy, contact us today for a free consultation.