Should you add a brochure to your law firm marketing strategy? Depends on what you will use it for

Posted on April 23rd, 2008 by

When you first start your search for an attorney brochure, you are probably going to think of several questions, including:  What kind of law firm brochure do I really need?  Where will I have it printed?  How many should I have printed?  Who will provide the content?  Does size matter?  Should I buy a generic brochure or is it okay to have the same brochure as another lawyer?  Those are the kinds of questions we hear a lot of when people first look into creating a brochure for a law firm.  And, while you may not know the exact answers to the questions, once you talk to us for a few minutes, you usually find you really do know exactly what you want.

For example, the first thing that we ask our clients is about what they will use the law firm brochure for.  Will it be something to hand to potential clients in a welcome packet?  Will it be used in jail mail when you send out letters?  Are you sending your brochure to past clients to keep them up to date with what you are doing?  Did you get a list of potential clients and you want to introduce your firm?  Based on this simple response, we can decide on what size brochure you need, how content heavy it needs to be, and the general message.  It also gives us an idea of how many you really need (since you know the exact number of old clients you have or that you plan on sending out thousands of jail mail letters over the course of a year or more).  And it tells us who your brochure will compete against, which determines how original it really needs to be.

A printed brochure can be very expensive (depending on your needs); however, a beautiful brochure that is in someone’s hands can be just what they need to call you since it is such a great and concise visual medium.  So, if you are just beginning to think about a brochure, talk to a law firm marketing consultant to see what you really need.

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