How to Get a Jump on Your Law Firm Marketing Competition

There is hope! We need to market smarter. There is no need to spend more ad dollars. We need to use existing or even smaller budgets to our advantage. Attorneys Online™, Inc. has developed several new strategies to help give our clients an edge over competitors and to help ensure their future growth. We all know the Internet is the future for law firm marketing concentration. Dollar for dollar this avenue should generate more leads than any other media. The question is ‘how do I use this electronic media’ to my benefit? The answers are many.

1.    Videos

Attorneys Online™, Inc. now offers the next generation of law firm marketing by writing, producing and uploading one-minute clips which can include information about the firm and details about practice areas. These video libraries are used on the law firm’s website and placed on social media networks such as The videos are optimized for web use and the narrative can be placed on the law firm’s site via PDF’s or text to make them further searchable by engines such as Google.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. provides turnkey video production services and distributes video productions to an online video network on behalf of our clients. Our video production services include: One Minute Custom Built Presentation, On Location Filming, Professional Director, B-Roll, Green Screen (if necessary), Talking Heads (if necessary), Flash Graphics w/ Firm Name & Contact Info., Professional Copywriting (Script Provided in Word Doc), Freeze Frame when needed, Implementation to Website, Alt Tags Embedded.

2.    Instant Connect Form technology

Attorneys Online™, Inc. has instigated Instant Connect Form (ICF) technology that calls the firm and then connects to the inquirer once he or she hits submit. This gives law firms a jump on competition, since the response time to an online inquiry is instantaneous and we can track the location and search engine source of the inquirer.

Our Instant Connect Form technology uses text-to-speech to allow your representatives to hear anything that you enter in any of the fields below and can be followed by a call connecting both parties:

Our Instant Connect Form technology provides law firms with a tangible way to measure the results of their marketing efforts, helps law firms make more intelligent decisions about spending their marketing dollars and connects potential clients with their law firms on the phone nearly immediately. Our Instant Connect Form technology is a value-added solution that assists law firms to grow and retain business.

3.    Fresh customized content via websites and Blogs

This avenue will continue to give your site credence with the major search engine gods disguised as Google. A website or Blog that is updated with viable information pertaining to practice areas on a regular basis gives the site credence. This constant influx of new content is recognized by the spiders send out intermittently that are searching for new information.

Fresh content also keeps people on your website longer which is another reason for better rankings.

Blog content is sent out to online outlets via RSS feeds. The updating of this information also has great value in increasing your rankings for the Blog as well as the websites that it links to such as the main law firm site.

Search Engine Optimization should be implemented along with the fresh content in order to make it effective. All new information added to sites NEEDS TO BE OPTIMIZED. It will be better in the long run for you to hire a professional to write content for your firm that is unique to your strengths and branding concepts but also utilizes the correct keywords in an acceptable format that the search engines will tolerate.