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How The System Works Attorneys Online™ Inc. now offers programs to make your listing one of the top search results on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Overture, MSN, AOL, Alta Vista, Lycos, Earthlink, Infospace, AllTheWeb and Verizon’s Yellow Pages listings. The process of these programs involves keyword buys which guarantee top placement on the above mentioned search engines and directories. This is the most effective, cost-effective online marketing that we have found.

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Search engines drive most of the traffic to websites. Today, Google and Yahoo dominate over 90% of all the search engine traffic generated here in the United States. Keep in mind that AOL pulls their results from Google and MSN pulls from Yahoo. Thus our main focus is generating top positions within Google and Yahoo. On most search engines, the quickest way to be listed as number one in your main areas is to use the “Pay Per Click-through” service on the search engines.

With the Pay Per Click-through service on the search engines, we bid on keywords for you. The highest bid acquires a number one listing in their area instantaneously.Your credit card is given for your monthly buy budget and your accounts are set up on Google and Overture. An account of $100 is opened to cover these click-through costs. The account will automatically be replenished each month based on the budget chosen by Client and charged to their credit card. Monthly reports are sent to client to review results and reevaluate terms if necessary.

Terms are monitored throughout the week so your listings stay in the top positions. Client does not pay when their website listing is displayed (impressions) in a search results page, but only when their listing for the search term is clicked on and the searcher goes to the client’s website.

How much of an influence do search engines have over consumers on the web?

When online users were asked how they found the websites they purchased from, a survey revealed the following:

Even more importantly, the quality of leads are historically higher than those that come from other forms of conventional advertising. These are not people that you had to seek out, these are people who are already looking for you.

How We Determine and Maintain Your Top Positions

  • We research which available keywords and phrases will work best for you, consult with you and then place our bids. It can take several days to be notified which terms were successfully purchased. The campaign begins.
  • Recommendations are made, as necessary, for revisions to the content on your website in order to optimize the results of our marketing strategy.
  • Your campaigns are regularly monitored and evaluated. Modifications and bid adjustments are made when necessary to keep your website in the top listings.
  • There will be execution and electronic delivery of monthly reports of your accounts, showing detailed activity on each search term.
  • There will be communication with you as necessary when bidding on terms become more competitive and if budget depletes before end of month. Regular feedback will be given on the number of “hits”, which words are working and so on.

The NAP (Natural Algorithmic Placement) account will place pages of your site in more prominent positions in the natural listings of major search engines. Once reviewed and accepted into the program, your pages are added to a database of sites that powers general search results for major web portals such as Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, AlltheWeb and many others.

Listings for your website in the top 3 positions are achieved on Yahoo and their partners as a result of our bidding process for available keywords and phrases. Yahoo’s Premium search engines and directories are Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, Lycos,, Go2Net, InfoSpace, Dogpile, Metacrawler, Web Crawler and AllTheWeb.

Top listings are also achieved on Google and their partners as a result of our bidding process for available keywords and phrases. Google’s Premium search engines are AOL, Ask Jeeves, Earthlink, AT&T WorldNet and Infospace. Verizon’s Super Pages is the web’s number one online yellow pages. Their top listings are reserved for their Pay Per Click program. As with all pay per click advertising you are not charged for the number of times that you listing is displayed. You are only charged your bid amount when your listing is actually clicked on by an online searcher to go to your website. Some of Verizon’s partners are SuperPages. com, MSN, InfoSpace. com, Lycos, Univision, 411. com, New York. com, Business to Business Di rectory,,,, CampusAreaYellowPages. com, and many, many more.

Price Levels *

Larger packages and additional services are available upon request.

* Search engines included in each level subject to change without notice