Lawyer Advertising Research and Advice

Law Firm Marketing Research and Administrative Department

The Attorneys Online™, Inc. research and administration department focuses on keeping our clients ahead of the legal marketing curve. If there is a new law firm marketing strategy available, we want to know what it is and what value it may have for our clientele. Many of the most recent developments can be found on our Legal Marketing Blog.

When it comes to doing legal marketing research for a client, we take into consideration what the client has done in the past and what the success rate was. We also want to know how to law firm wants to position itself in the community. Based on these facts, we can research the best attorney marketing packages for the firm. This may include media buys for television or radio advertisements, law firm video marketing, lawyer-to-lawyer referral networks and more. Each client is different and, as such, each recommended package will be customized to meet the needs of the individual law firm.

If you are interested in the legal marketing research for your law firm, contact our attorney marketing consultants today to see what type of list is best for your law firm’s needs.