Attorneys Online™, Inc. Clients Listed in the Top Three on Major Search Engines

For Immediate Release
3/25/02 – San Diego, California

Attorneys Online™, Inc. is proud to announce that the success of their new Internet Marketing Services has resulted in their clients being ranked in the top three listings on AOL, Excite, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos and Infospace. The new strategy combines their already successful search engine registration with the purchase of keywords that results in these priority listings on six of the major online search engine/directories. Clients that have signed up for the new Internet Marketing Service have seen results in less than two weeks.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. is the Premiere Attorney Internet Development Company. From cutting edge website creation to their targeted public relations campaigns, Attorneys Online™, Inc. effectively markets law firms nationwide. Their client roster includes some of the best law firms in the country. The Attorneys Online™, Inc. showcase reflects some of these unique designs.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. public relations client, Thorndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger was recently named the Best Law Firm in Nevada by the Nevada Business Journal. This honor was bestowed upon the law firm by the readers of the journal who voted the firm the best in the state.

According to Attorneys Online™, Inc. CEO Cheney Winslow, “This new Internet Marketing Service is a win-win situation for everyone. The clients’ listings come up in the top three on major search engines. Their customized websites designed by our firm are getting more hits which results in more clients for them and the need for Attorneys Online™, Inc. to keep expanding our already successful services to keep up the enlarged attorney marketing marketplace. We have to keep ahead of the curve and so far we are leading it.”

Attorneys Online™, Inc. also creates logos, corporate identities, print campaigns, brochures, video productions, commercial campaigns, media buys, targeted email marketing campaigns and more.

For more information contact Cheney Winslow at 800-221-8424.