Attorneys Online™, Inc. Attains Top Listings On Google, AOL, Earthlink for Law Firms

For Immediate Release
12/11/02 – San Diego, California

Attorneys Online™, Inc. is proud to announce the success of its Internet Marketing Service which guarantees top listings on Alta Vista, Yahoo, Earthlink, Google, Infospace, Lycos and AOL.

Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s clients are gaining more exposure on the Internet and their website traffic has increased a great deal via this new service.

“I just wanted to share my excitement that your work is improving traffic to my site. Attached is the link to the FindLaw traffic report. If you check October’s traffic against prior reports, you will see a marked increase in the traffic to my site! Additionally, those going to my site seem to be reading beyond the home page. Hopefully this will equate to more qualified new clients. In the meantime, thank you for doing a great job.” Nancy L. Lanard, Esquire

The exposure to law firms is tremendous. Attorneys Online™, Inc. bids on keywords on behalf of its clients. If the bid is one of the top three, which Attorneys Online™, Inc. strives to maintain, then the site is listed in the top of the above mentioned search engines. The company bids on as many available targeted keywords and phrases that its clients think are viable for people to type into the search engines to find them. There is no charge for the amount of words Attorneys Online™, Inc. can secure. The client only gets charged by the search engines when someone clicks-through their listing and goes to their site.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. also works to optimize the content on its clients’ websites, when necessary, in order to attain more keywords and phrases. Attorneys Online™, Inc. works closely with its clients in order to make this Internet Marketing Service as successful as possible. Attorneys Online™, Inc. is the Premiere Attorney Internet Development Company. The full-service advertising agency is devoted to marketing law firms exclusively and has a client roster that includes the Who’s Who in law firms across the country.

For more information contact Cheney Winslow at 800-221-8424.