Attorneys Online™, Inc. Launches New State-of-the-Art Website

For Immediate Release
1/4/03 – San Diego, California

Attorneys Online™, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of their newly designed cutting-edge website. The high-tech site was created to convey the new image of the full-service advertising agency as the leader in law firm marketing. The overall look incorporates enticing graphics as well as useful information for law firms competing in the marketplace today.

According to CEO, Cheney Winslow, “We wanted to put a new spin on the marketing of our site by making it content rich as well as a showcase for our clients. I believe that my design staff has outdone themselves, once again.”

As the Premiere Internet Development Company for law firms internationally, Attorneys Online™, Inc. has changed the face of legal marketing. Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s client roster reads like a who’s who among law firms. Its clients include Ropers Majeski, Cooper, White & Cooper, Rutan & Tucker, Barash & McGarry, Riley & Reiner to name a few. The agency’s capabilities run the gamut from graphic design to websites, brochures, print campaigns and television production.

The new website contains information about the importance of branding in a legal marketing campaign. It also has statistics on why law firms should advertise with facts to back up the theories. The Internet has leveled the playing field for law firm marketing. A small firm can compete head-to-head with larger firms because of the Internet. Attorneys Online™, Inc. strives to keep its clients ahead of the competition. A high-quality website is not only important, it’s a necessity.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. has instigated a new Internet Marketing Service this year. This new service guarantees top listings for its clients’ websites on Alta Vista, Yahoo, Google, AOL, Earthlink, Infospace and Lycos. “I wanted to let you know that I received over six calls and emails in a single day this week.your efforts are definitely working. Thank you for all of your help,” says client Nancy Lanard, a Pennsylvania business attorney.

For more information on how Attorneys Online™, Inc. can customize a marketing campaign for your firm, call (800) 221-8424 or email for a free consultation.