New Law Firm Business Development Services From Attorneys Online™, Inc.

For Immediate Release
7/21/03 – San Diego, California

Attorneys Online™, Inc. is proud to announce the integration of two new marketing services for law firms; their branded e-mails, a simple yet effective way to personalize every day correspondence and promote important aspects of a firm or company and their eNewsletters, which provide a customized, organized platform for important information to be sent through email.

A branded e-mail is a unique communication tool not only for the firm but for each of the individual attorneys as well. Incorporating the existing corporate identity and logo into a firm’s email provides a personalized as well as familiar feel to current and prospective clients. A separate signature can be generated for each attorney to further acquaint his or her clients with him or her.

Included in the branded e-mail is a side bar that can include banners, areas of practice, partner lists or any tool used by the firm to identify its strengths. Banners can be linked to a page on the firm’s website so the e-mail viewer can familiarize his or herself with the information about the firm that he or she is most interested in. Common banner titles for a law firm’s branded email are “Firm History”, “Areas of Practice”, “Success Stories”, “Office Locations”, etc. An example of the basic look of a branded e-mail can be found on the Attorneys Online™, Inc. website.

Electronic newsletters are useful tools to inform current clients on up-to-date information relevant to your firm or to increase your referral base. Attorneys Online™, Inc. will provide the layout and look of the newsletter. Each newsletter is tailored to fit your firm by including pieces of information such as the latest news about your firm, articles written by your attorneys or articles regarding your areas of practice. Sample newsletters can be found on the Attorneys Online™, Inc. website.

According to Attorneys Online™, Inc. CEO Cheney Winslow, “These new marketing avenues are designed to enhance the branding of the law firm identity. They keep their name and services available on a regular basis in front of potential new clients as well as help expand client and referral base by sending newsletters on a regular basis. With the birth of the electronic age, Branded Emails and eNewsletters are one more step keeping Attorneys Online™, Inc. clients ahead of the law firm business development curve.”

For more information contact Cheney Winslow at 800-221-8424 or email.