Start the New Year Out Right: Expand Your Online Marketing with Niche Practice Websites

You’ve been thinking about marketing for awhile… Stop procrastinating and start putting your New Year’s Resolutions into action. Clients are searching the web every day to find the perfect attorney for their particular situation. Niche practice websites show potential clients your firm’s expertise in one practice area rather than diluting your focus.  This gives them more confidence in your abilities.  For example, if you practice family law, you might have a website devoted just to adoption issues or surrogacy.  This shows your focus on keeping the family together rather than having content and images about divorce and custody battles.

Multiple websites also help with the optimization game since the sites link to your main website and to one another. Inbound links help your placement on major search engines, such as Google.  Though it might take some time to prove to the Search Engine Gods that your new site is viable, once this is done, all of your sites will benefit.  The sooner the process gets started, the better for a return on your investment.

Niche practice websites are also great for using a keyword-rich domain name. A personal injury main practice site may have a name such as, and the niche sites would be or The keywords in the domain name also help with the optimization process. The registration of a domain is inexpensive and can have value in the future.

Niche practice websites can target specific geographic regions.  Not only is it difficult to focus on a broad area (like your home state), but people are more likely to search for an attorney in a particular city or town.  These websites show that you are local, which will appeal more to potential clients.  You can even have websites for multiple cities that focus on a single practice area (such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Richardson for workers comp).

The creation of a conglomerate of websites for your firm helps to create a large community that you have control over.  The interlinking of the sites will help push them all up in the search engine rankings.  Let me caution you that multiple websites all must contain unique content.   You run the risk of getting blocked by Google if multiple sites share the same text, even with small variations.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. has a staff of writers that create content exclusively for you.  All text can be optimized.  In honor of our 12 year anniversary, we are offering a 50% discount on optimization services through the end of January 2010.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. Premiere Website Gallery, which can be seen HERE, has been created for niche practice websites.  These are customized creations that you can license non-exclusively and we can offer payment options.  These designs have a $295.00 setup fee and then there is a monthly fee of $84.95 with a 12-month minimum.  These prices include up to ten pages of content on the site and the hosting fees.   At the end of 12 months, you can trade in the design, buy it outright and pay hosting separately or continue to pay the monthly fee.

Since 1998, Attorneys Online™, Inc. has had a proven grasp on attorney marketing strategies including lawyer website design, Pay-Per-Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eNewsletters, blogs, Graphic Design, law firm brochures, print campaigns, TV ads, radio ads, media buys, vanity numbers, and lawyer networking  As The Premiere Attorney Business Development Company, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients ahead of the lawyer marketing curve with creative and effective campaigns.  Check out our website for more information about our services including Search Engine Optimization for placement in the organic/natural listings as well as strategies such as electronic newsletters that give your website refreshed content weekly which assists with SEO placement and the development of a customized marketing list enabling your firm to market to other law firms for referral business.

Please contact our law firm marketing consultants today to discuss what strategies are best for your law firm.