Law Firm Marketing Is More Important Now Than Ever

With the economy in the dumpster what are law firms to do? Choices are slim: either close your doors or market stronger than ever. The good news is that the Internet is winning the law firm marketing wars. According to Vertis Communications Customer Focus 2008, consumers will look online more. This year has seen a 10% increase in people who research online before buying in the store. Focus on your website(s) and Internet Marketing strategies in 2009. Is your website stale with old news and static content? How can you better service your existing as well as potential clientele via this avenue? Your options are many.

  • Add fresh content to your website on a regular basis. This is achieved via multiple options.
    • Blog –The regularly posted information not only services your target audience with timely and viable news, this bulldozer also paves the information highway by pushing your website to the top of the natural/organic listings on Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines. The catch is that it must be updated constantly. Attorneys Online™, Inc. recommends that new posts be made, at least, two times per week. Starting the project and then slacking relegates you to the bowels of the Internet Marketing gravy train. We can even Blog for you.
    • Add more practice area and local legal news content to your site. This can be achieved by increasing the number of pages of information. Attorneys Online™, Inc. offers eNewsletters, which give the website refreshed content weekly and new content monthly. The articles are geographic and area of practice specific and are written exclusively for the law firm.
      • Attorneys Online™, Inc. takes the eNewsletter strategy one-step further by featuring articles titles and teasers onto its client’s homepages. These give readers a reason to drill down further into the site if a topic interests them and gives the law firm brownie points with Google, since people spend more time on the websites.
    • Create Niche Practice websites. Multiple websites help in the end with the optimization game since the sites link to one another and help show the site is popular with the Google search rankings. This can take time since the inbound links to your website from your niche practice sites first need to establish credence with the Search Engine Gods that they are credible sites that offer viable and fresh information. Attorneys Online™, Inc. established its Gallery Division to service this strategy, which offers websites starting at $295. We can even write the content.
    • Create Information Portals. These portals of legal information are constantly updated and can become a source for news. These are a more expensive strategy to set up and maintain due to the constant updating but can be invaluable in the end. Remember that Google gives better rankings to sites that are established and offer updated and timely content.
  • Pay-Per-Click marketing is a must in order to maintain first page placement on Google, Yahoo and the rest. This avenue guarantees your law firm will be on the first search page for an unlimited number of pertinent keywords to your practice and geographic location. You cannot beat this placement with any other avenue. The downside is the expense of paying per hit. The upside is that the campaign is controllable, budgets are capped as well as manageable and you are only charged a fee when someone clicks on your listing and goes to your website from your sponsored listing. Attorneys Online™, Inc. has been offering this service since the strategy began. We not only recommend keeping this marketing method in play but we also keep one ourselves. The other beauty of this avenue over other types of advertising is that it is changeable. If titles and descriptions do not get results, we can change them at any time and continue to tweak campaigns in order to achieve optimal results.

Law firms must continue to market themselves, now more than ever. Allow Attorneys Online™, Inc. to review your current strategies and offer the most effective options for your future growth. We continue to work with you on a regular basis in order to help you maximize the best return on your investment which is invaluable especially during the troubled economic times we are facing. We are here to help. Please call one of our consultants today. (800) 221-8424. It does not cost you anything to ask.