Attorneys Online™, Inc. Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary By Offering A 50% Discount on SEO Services

In celebration of ten successful years of law firm marketing, Attorneys Online™, Inc. announced today that the well-respected attorney marketing agency would offer a 50% discount on all of its Search Engine Optimization services through April 30, 2008. Through its extensive knowledge and staff of experienced strategists, Attorneys Online™, Inc. has been able to achieve first search page placement for its clients in the natural (aka organic listings) on all of the major search engines, including Google and Yahoo.

Ten years of unparalleled service and optimum customer service has made Attorneys Online™, Inc. a major force in lawyer marketing and SEO services. Technology is constantly on the move, which creates new venues for attracting your clientele. For that reason alone, Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s in-house, full service marketing team is able to keep your company on top.

Amanda Snowden, Vice President of Business Development, says:

I am proud that Attorneys Online™, Inc. was one of the first companies on the Internet and played such a large role in the marketing of attorneys worldwide. Our client base continues to grow while we maintain our small, hands-on family-style service. Optimization is a big part of the future of marketing via the Internet, which includes adding fresh content to websites regularly. Attorneys Online™, Inc. now has a staff of legal writers that write text exclusively for our clients. These writers can also blog for them. We want our law firms to practice law and leave the marketing to us.

Since 1998, Attorneys Online™, Inc. has had a proven grasp on attorney marketing strategies including lawyer website design, SNAP (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), eNewsletters, blogs, Graphic Design, law firm brochures, print campaigns, TV ads, radio ads, media buys, vanity numbers and lawyer networking. As The Premiere Attorney Business Development Company, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients ahead of the lawyer marketing curve with creative and effective campaigns. Check out our website for more information about our services including Search Engine Optimization for placement in the organic/natural listings as well as strategies such as electronic newsletters that give your website refreshed content weekly which assists with SEO placement and the development of a customized marketing list enabling your firm to market to other law firms for referral business.

Please contact our law firm marketing consultants today to discuss what strategies are best for your law firm.

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