Attorneys Online™, Inc. Launches Law Blogs

For Immediate Release
February 14, 2006

Attorneys Online™, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of Law Blogs, or blogs, for its client roster to facilitate the growing need for legal information gleaned from law firm websites. In Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s efforts to keep its clients ahead of the marketing curve, it did thorough research into this new strategy. To date, law firm websites have been, for the most part, virtual brochures containing static and predominantly universal information about the individual law firm. Law blogs are changing all of that. Statistically, more than 66% of Internet users are looking for information on a particular legal issue when seeking out a lawyer’s website. They are not looking for advice – just practical legal information. The right content coupled with the proper presentation will help potential clients want to hire the firm.

According to Attorneys Online™, Inc. CEO, Cheney Winslow, “This next generation of law firm websites will take our client’s marketing to the next level. Blogs will help establish our all ready talented and renowned attorneys as authors and authorities in their particular areas of expertise by enabling them to voice comments, write articles, and share newsworthy observations syndicated through the World Wide Web.”

The marketing of the Attorneys Online™, Inc. blogs includes linking them to over 120 blog search engines as well as the enabling of the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds. The syndication network allows websites to incorporate their “syndicated” headlines or headlines and teaser information under many different usage agreements. The linking of the RSS feeds serves many important purposes that are valuable in the future of law firm marketing.

The fresh content that Attorneys Online™, Inc. clients will provide, or the content that Attorneys Online™, Inc. staff of legal writers can write on our client’s behalf, will give potential clients a reason to return to our law firm websites as well as recommend it to others. The addition of a blog into your marketing mix is the future of websites, according to Bill Gates. The fresh content will help drive your website higher on the search engines, give potential clients a reason to return to the site, as well as instill trust in the law firm that provided it. The general pertinent law firm information will still be linked to your blog.

As The Premiere Attorney Business Development Company, Attorneys Online™, Inc. prides itself on keeping its clients practices growing with creative and effective campaigns. Check our website for more information about our services such as website creation, graphic design, brochures, print campaigns, TV/radio production & media placement, top listings on major search engines such as Google, AOL, Earthlink, Yahoo and Alta Vista guaranteed as well as Search Engine Optimization and our famous NAP program for your current website to help with better placement in the natural listings on the search engines.

For more information contact Cheney Winslow at (800) 221-8424 or email.