Attorneys Online™, Inc. Launches New Website Gallery Division

For Immediate Release
1/11/06– San Diego, California

Attorneys Online™, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of its new Gallery Division for 2006 which offers premium law firm marketing packages for as little as $84.95 a month . In addition to its menu of successful products, the Attorneys Online™, Inc. new Gallery Division enables clients to select a corporate identity and website from a catalogue of custom creations. The division then offers packages including the website and hosting along with premium marketing services such as top listings on the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo for specific keywords and phrases pertinent to the law firm practice with convenient payment options.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. Premium Gallery Designs will afford firms the opportunity of having a customized corporate image without the expense and time consumption of starting a new campaign from the drawing board.

The Premiere Website Gallery can be seen at our Website Gallery. These sites have each been custom created with a law firm in mind.

Starting at $84.95 a month, each basic package includes:

  • A customized website design chosen from our Gallery
  • Up to 10 pages of text
  • Areas of practice text can be provided
  • Site construction (No need to learn new software and build the site yourself)
  • Hosting
  • 5 email accounts
  • Up to 10 Mb of storage space

A law firm needs only to select a corporate identity from the Gallery that best suits its firm. Colors and photos can be changed as needed. Attorneys Online™, Inc. can also create a new logo, if requested. These sites are all custom creations that are optimized for the Search Engines. After the selection of a design, Attorneys Online™, Inc. will build the site for the firm. There is no need to learn new software. A law firm can send Attorneys Online™, Inc. its CV and firm information. Attorneys Online™, Inc. will do the rest.

Attorneys Online™, Inc. Gallery packages provide more marketing strategies with the inclusion of methods to drive potential clients to the website. These campaigns include keyword buy, or “Pay-Per-Click”, campaigns on Google and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture). This gives Firms top listings in the first page of search results on major search engines such as Google, AOL, EarthLink, AT&T WorldNet, MSN, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Excite, as well as Verizon’s , the web’s number one online Yellow Pages for specific keywords and phrases pertinent to the firm’s areas of practice and geographic location.

For as little as $175.00 per month , a law firm will receive:

  • Up to 600 keywords and phrases based on your areas of practice and your geographical location
  • Regular maintenance, including the addition and deletion of terms, as needed, to help ensure you are getting the types of hits you want
  • Up to 4 consultations or campaign modifications per year
  • Monthly reports explaining your hits based on particular terms

In this day and age, a law firm cannot afford to be without a solid marketing strategy. Since Attorneys Online™, Inc. clientele is exclusively from the legal profession, we know what works best for marketing a law firm. Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s marketing strategies have helped level the playing field for smaller firms to compete with much larger firms. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation. (800) 221-8424

Attorneys Online™, Inc. has also begun offering clients eNewsletters, which are updated weekly, and the next generation of websites – law firm personal BLOGS.

As The Premiere Attorney Business Development Company, we pride ourselves on keeping our clients ahead of the marketing curve with creative and effective campaigns. Check our website for more information about our services such as law firm website design creation, graphic design, brochures, print campaigns, TV/radio production & media placement, top listings on major search engines such as Google, AOL, Earthlink, Yahoo and Alta Vista guaranteed as well as Search Engine Optimization and our famous NAP program for your current website to help with better placement in the natural listings on the search engines.

For more information contact Cheney Winslow at (800) 221-8424 or email.