Attorneys Online™, Inc.’s Optional Services for Legal Marketing

Attorneys Video Conferencing | Internet Commerce Service for Law Firms | Lawyers Dynamic Website Updates

Here are a few optional services that can be quoted upon request:

  • E-commerce: A commerce-enabled page can be added to your site to accept credit card transactions for clients to pay their bills online, register online for seminars put on by your law firm, purchase manuals or videos, etc.
  • Dynamic Updates: Upon completion of the web site, parts of the site can be coded with ASP (Active Servers Pages) so that the Meta tags will be dynamically updated as the content of the site changes. This can be quoted on an hourly basis.
  • Real Time Chat: A Real Time-enabled chat room can allow your law firm to hold intra or inter-office chat sessions with other attorneys and staff or with clients, etc.
  • Streaming Audio/Video: As a full service production company for law firms, Attorneys Online™, Inc. can develop, write and produce a promo video for your law firm which can include a “Welcome to our web site” dialogue from the Managing Partner, or stream seminars on the site via secure password, etc. (hosting extra)
  • Video Conferencing: Will enable online consultations with clients, or can be utilized to do attorney conferences between multiple offices.
  • Flash Programming: Can be used to accentuate additional pages of the site.
  • Photography: Professional photography and make up sessions can be coordinated for attorney portraits, shots of the office and lobby, etc. Attorneys Online™, Inc. will supervise the photography shoots upon request.
  • CGI Scripts: Additional CGI Scripts and other custom complex programming forms quoted upon request.