Mobile-Geddon Has Arrived: Is Your Site Responsive?

Posted on April 28th, 2015 by

Determination Of Business TeamworkWe knew this was coming…Google’s most recent update is the most pro-mobile algorithm yet. Late last year, Google began labeling sites as “Mobile-friendly” on its natural search listings when a person used a mobile device. However, as of April 21st, 2015, it’s now gone a step further. Google will be ranking websites in the natural listings according to whether they are mobile-friendly.

Mobile users now account for about 65 percent of all searches, and this number is expected to grow. Many websites have separate mobile or mobile-friendly websites, but this is not enough. One of the elements Google requires for a mobile-friendly site is not only readability and click-ability of links on a smaller device, but the ability of the website to resize and fit on screens of different sizes. This is known as Responsive Website Design (RWD).

What is a Responsive Website, and How is it Different Than a Mobile Site?

The older mobile sites were typically just a menu or list of buttons. Maybe there was a small picture, but this was generally how the older mobile sites were designed.

Responsive Website Design is a whole different way of structuring a website to be mobile-compatible. Instead of having a different look to the mobile site (which is typically pared down and bland), Responsive Website Design uses the same pictures, text and design elements as the main site, just reformatted and realigned to look great on devices of all sizes: smartphones, tablets, laptops and large monitors.

This website is Responsive, and you can easily see how it works by adjusting the size of your internet browser window. To see more examples of websites we have designed for clients, visit our page on Responsive Website Design (be sure to check them out on both a monitor and a small device to really see how they work!)

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