Checking cellphoneLooking for Vanity Telephone Numbers for Lawyers?

Legal Marketing for Attorney Branding with Vanity Number Component

Whether you are interested in a vanity telephone number, a toll free number or a great local number, we can work with your firm to come up with the right phone number options to best fit your marketing campaign. Once we come up with the best options, we can assist you with finding the right provider for an exclusive license or acquisition.

We use vanity numbers as part of an overall campaign to brand a law firm and make it memorable to prospective clients. For an example of a branded campaign with a vanity phone number component, see the McArthur Law Firm in Macon, Georgia, which combines the number 1-888-WE FIGHT with an Evander Holyfield endorsement.

We also work closely with providers for a variety of popular national vanity numbers, including but not limited to 1-800 LAWYERS and 1-800 ABOGADO.

Why Do Lawyers Need Vanity Phone Numbers?

Lawyers know a lot of other attorneys, so they might not realize that most of the general population do not know any lawyers at all. The internet, print media, television and billboards remains an effective means of getting your brand out to gain clients.

Vanity phone numbers stick in the head of potential clients. Print media, television, internet and billboards will not be as effective with simply a law firm’s name and a regular telephone number. When a branded marketing campaign includes a memorable telephone number, that will stick in a prospective client’s head; it will be remembered when the person later needs a lawyer.

How Do Vanity Phone Numbers Work?

Vanity numbers can be set to ring to the local office, a call center or a cell phone. Attorneys can purchase vanity phone number licenses in a number of ways. There are national branded numbers, including 1-800 LAWYERS, which you could license in your geographic location.

Besides toll free national numbers that ring when a person calls within your geographic location, we also assist law firms wishing to purchase local vanity numbers. This would have the local area code, but include either a memorable numerical number (such as ending in a pattern or a string of the same number, for example (512) 787-7777) or a memorable mnemonic number, such as (512) LAW FIRM.

Where Do Cell Phones Ring to When Calling the Vanity Number?

Everyone understands that when a person calls from a land line in the geographic location of the law firm, the phone will ring to the firm. However, what if a person calls from a cell phone inside the geographic market, but with a cell phone that has a different area code that the location of the law firm?

When a person calls from a cell phone within the geographic location, it will ring to licensee in that market. Vanity numbers have geo-location trackers, so people calling on cell phones within the licensee’s geographic location will go to the firm, no matter what area code is used on the cell phone.

Need Additional Info on Vanity Numbers for Lawyers

We offer free consultations to discuss vanity phone number options for law firms and attorneys, including using vanity numbers as a component of a greater marketing brand. Call us directly at (800) 221-8424 or fill out our online legal marketing contact form on the drop-down box of the uber menu.