Managing Your Directory Listings

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For a law firm to remain competitive it must create multiple directory listings online and manage those listings often so that information is not duplicated or changed. Attorneys Online Inc. (AOI) creates and manages the directory listings for our clients so that they do not have to take time in managing these listings.

At AOI, we take a multifaceted approach to maintaining a high page rank for our clients on the Google search engine. Some of our methods for establishing a digital footprint in the online world include:

  • Optimizing our clients website
  • Creating legal content for blogs
  • Creating links back to the website
  • Encouraging our clients to get their services reviewed online by clients
  • Creating directory listings

Why Are Directory Listings Important?

Directory listings online are important because it provides people an easy way to get your contact information and it creates many inbound links to the website, which raises your page rank. With the significant changes made by the Hummingbird algorithm, Google has made directory listings very important for local businesses. You may have noticed how on local searches that Google has allowed local businesses to show up on the first page of search results. The number of directory listings plays a part in determining whether your business is one of those businesses on that first page.

Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of time required in creating the directory listings and monitoring them. If Google finds directories with dated, incorrect or duplicated information, your websites ranking will be downgraded. AOI spends a considerable amount of time creating and maintaining our clients’ directories so that they never have to worry about their page rank or inbound links being affected.

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