How To Make A Legal Blog: It’s All About the Conversation

Posted on April 28th, 2016 by

Social Media Marketing and Legal BloggingA long time ago, in a legal industry not so far away, every lawyer had a whitepaper, or a newsletter, or an op-ed. Most of the attorneys that did this were trying to get more prospective clients to notice them, but that strategy has always had mixed results. Sometimes the right people would see these print articles and bring their business to that lawyer, but high circulation numbers were what fueled the success of this type of marketing. Well, times have changed, and the internet has turned impersonal crowd-building into hyperpersonal networking.

The Difference Between Publishing And Legal Blogging

Blogs have stepped in as the new age replacement for print articles, but the similarities end there. Blogging has a special power—it allows your audience to talk back to you, and that means simply generating high circulation won’t necessarily maximize what your blogs can do.

How To Make A Legal Blog: It’s About Conversation, Not Circulation

The fact that you can converse with your audience means that you can build stronger bonds with that audience. That means that you can beat the ground and drum up business the old fashioned way, by making connections. Here at Attorneys Online, we not only hunt down topics that are trending, but we ask provocative questions about those topics to get answers from your audience and engage them.

In several instances, we have had blog readers relate to our stories and ask if the blog topic applies to their individual situations. At that point, we connect the reader to our client, which allows an open dialog to form. This is the power of blogs—they allow you to start a conversation with your audience, and once you start interacting with that audience, they become more likely to trust you, use your services, and recommend you to friends and family.

Attorneys Online Is At The Center Of Your Blogging Needs

This is a power that no print publication has ever had—to directly engage your prospective clients! And that’s what Attorneys Online Inc. recognizes about today’s industry. We spend time building that interpersonal trust between you and your clients using blogs, social media, and creative marketing campaigns like our recent Reddit AMA, and in today’s legal world that can be far more valuable than having high circulation numbers.