Local Listings Soar with Google Pigeon Update

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photoGoogle Pigeon is the newest animal to join Google’s zoo of SEO updates, already crowded with pandas, penguins and hummingbirds. This one is all about enhancing local searches – finding the most relevant results closest to the searcher.

While other updates have emphasized the importance of fresh content, quality backlinks and smartphone-friendly search queries, Pigeon (so dubbed by the SEO analysts working to figure it out) largely effects how a site appears when someone searches for a nearby business. Many website owners are seeing local listings show up more frequently in the results, and some have noticed a change in how their business appears on Google Maps.

What Changed with the Google Pigeon Update?

As it likes to do with its algorithm changes, Google has revealed just a narrow glimpse behind the curtain of this new update, but we do know that Pigeon:

  • Ties together ranking signals from a variety of sources
  • Incorporates misspellings and synonyms to figure out what the user is searching for
  • Improves the location ranking parameters to deliver results closest to the user

What this means is that your firm needs a variety of listings set up on the web so that Google knows more about your office and the services you offer to potential clients nearby. While your listing may populate automatically on some of these sites, there is no guarantee that the details are correct, and the lack of personal touch will be obvious to anyone who sees it.

Attorneys Online Keeps Clients Flying High in Organic Search Results

Fortunately, we are one step ahead of the game. We have long understood how important it is to place your firm in as many directories as possible. This helps create quality backlinks to your site and increase your visibility across the web. We create and personalize listings for our clients on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellowpages and any other domain that results in better placement for your business.

If you want to show up better on Google or if you don’t have time to create and customize all these listings yourself, give our attorney marketing consultants a call for a free consultation! We stay on top of the latest trends and take care of the legwork so you can focus on helping your clients.

For any Simpsons fans out there, to paraphrase Kent Brockman: Attorneys Online welcomes our new pigeon SEO overlords!

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