How We Keep Our Clients Searchable And Visible

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Google’s switch to the new Hummingbird algorithm last fall has resulted in changes to our marketing and SEO strategies to make sure that our clients stay searchable and visible. Hummingbird was the largest change Google has made to its search algorithm in over ten years. The new protocol allows for Google to handle more complex queries.

The switch to mobile phones as a dominant medium of Google Searches has resulted in increasingly conversational search terms. With Hummingbird, a potential client can simply tell their phone, “I need a workers’ comp lawyer in Columbus, OH,” instead of searching through listings of Columbia attorneys. We have made significant changes to our SEO Keywords and page titles to accommodate the new algorithm.

Most importantly, our clients remain searchable and visible, because their content pages are (and always have been) useful. The new SEO paradigm values page relevancy, credibility, timeliness and quality more so than simple quantity. If your law firm needs a marketing facelift or SEO optimization, our legal marketing specialists can provide the tailored, boutique experience you are looking for. We can provide first class video production, blogs, newsletters, social media presence, web design and more. For a free consultation with one of our legal marketing specialists, call us today at (800) 221-8424 or check out our website.

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