How Important Will Videos Be in the Future of Online Marketing?

Posted on March 10th, 2015 by

Have you ever stumbled across a video while you were searching for something online? Rather than read the content on the page, did you view the video instead? Be honest! Sometimes, it is just easier to watch something after a long day, rather than read it!

If you are thinking about investing in videos for your 2015 online marketing efforts, you should know that it is a great way to engage an audience. Naturally, people prefer viewing videos and listening to someone explain something, rather than reading information in text form. As people shift into searching for services by utilizing mobile devices and tablets, videos are becoming more important.

By 2017, Cisco estimates that shifts towards smaller devices could result in IP video traffic making up 79 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. This means more people will be viewing the videos on your websites than reading the content.

This is why we urge clients to invest in our effective video marketing campaigns. When it comes to legal advertising, potential clients need to know you in a personal way. Other ways videos play an important role in online legal marketing include:


Think about it—you more likely to contact someone you have seen in person. This is why it is important that you establish yourself as an individual in your videos. By engaging viewers and being yourself, you are connecting with them in a very personal way. Remember, your clients must have confidence in you before they will invest in your services.


While things you read may stick with you, videos are proven to give viewers a long lasting impression. Visually, you can create a brand. You can add your own unique flair to your videos. Potential clients are much more likely to remember your face or your stories through video. In your own words, you can discuss how your law firm can help a person, and you can gain a viewers’ trust.

Unlimited Potential

At this moment, where is your online marketing content featured? Is it on your websites? Our legal advertising experts can help you place your videos not only on your website, but also on YouTube and other media outlets, which attract millions of viewers. Your videos are much more gain views and land clients through our services.

What Video Production Services Can Attorneys Online Inc. Offer Me?

We offer a wide range of video production services, including one-minute presentation builds and on-site filming, so people can view your offices through the vision of a talented professional director.

If necessary, we can also hire actors, provide professional copywriting and computer generated graphics, along with contact information.

Engage your audience through video. Call us today to discuss your online marketing needs. We will work within your budget and provide you with demonstrated results.

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