How Do You Come Up With Legal Blog Ideas?

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The Writing Staff At Attorneys Online Shares Some Secrets

about usHere at Attorneys Online Inc., we work with more than fifty esteemed law firms based in cities all over the United States. We create legal blog entries, content for webpages, and monthly newsletters on subjects ranging from bicycle safety in San Diego to tugboat accidents in Nova Scotia. All told, our writing staff composes hundreds upon hundreds of pages of content every month in order to make our clients’ websites compelling and engaging.

One question we get a lot is “how do you come up with so many new blog ideas?” And to tell the truth, it isn’t easy!

In order to keep up with the myriad subjects and areas in which our clients practice, our writing staff must constantly scour the web for news stories, government reports, think pieces and scholarly studies. Our job does not end at 5pm, either—if one of us has an interesting idea, we instinctively file it away for future use.

Sometimes we whip out our phones and email a story idea to a colleague with a note that says “This would be great for you tomorrow morning!”

Often topics to write about come up simply through lunchtime conversations. A book we read, a film we saw last weekend, a TV show we saw last night, any of these things can inspire a commentary. It just takes an open mind.

For one firm, we recently wrote a newsletter about how yoga might benefit mesothelioma patients. The idea came up during one of our staff yoga classes here in Austin!

We are always on the lookout for innovative ideas that will bring our clients more readers and more clients. While you may wonder how we come up with so many ideas to write about each week, we simply can’t stop thinking about new things to write about!

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