Google’s New Penalties Make Responsive Websites Even More Important

Posted on March 26th, 2015 by

Website Marketing Concept BlackboardThe rise of mobile devices as tools for internet surfing has been swift, and changes to Google’s dominant search engine might speed up that trend. Mobile internet usage already surpassed PC usage at the beginning of last year, but now companies who have not adapted to mobile-friendly website designs have another reason to catch up with consumers.  Starting April 21, Google will start to punish websites and blogs that are not mobile-friendly. The new ranking algorithm that Google will employ is expected to have a significant impact on searches performed on mobile devices.

Responsive Design: Making Websites That Adapt to the Consumer

Google is focusing on a feature of mobile-friendly websites called “responsive design,”   a feature which makes sites able to change how they display to fit the device being used.  Sites that respond to mobile devices allow for a more seamless browsing experience and encourage more mobile users to visit more often.  Visitors to the website are sent to the right pages for their device without fail.  Video content and other media consumers increasingly demand on mobile devices can be accessed smoothly and consistently.

Google Penalties for Ignoring Mobile Compatibility

Websites that do not feature responsive design will be punished by being dropped in Google search results performed on mobile devices worldwide. The change should make mobile web surfing easier for users as more websites and blogs adapt. Mobile-challenged sites will soon become harder and harder to find on Google. For corporations and their marketing departments, the new emphasis on mobile compatibility means having to adapt at a breakneck pace to compete in an ever more mobile marketplace. Failing to adapt could mean becoming practically invisible to the swiftly growing mass of customers that use mobile devices as their primary means of internet access.

Benefits of Becoming Mobile-Friendly

The flipside of Google’s mobile-friendly reform is that businesses that adapt quickly, or that already feature mobile-friendly sites, should be ahead of the game as responsive design becomes more crucial. Small businesses and financial services companies such as accounting firms have been especially reluctant to make their websites more mobile-friendly, but that might not be an option soon.  Many baby boomers were relatively late adopters to mobile internet, but now they are also a huge part of the growing demand for services they can access anywhere on a mobile device.  Mobile internet usage has gone hand in hand with increased usage of social media, which the majority of baby boomers now use according to the Pew Research Center. Between millennials accustomed to mobile devices from early childhood and older adults eagerly embracing the technology, the importance of reaching mobile users cannot be overstated.

How Can Attorneys Online™, Inc. Make My Business Mobile-Friendly?

Our team of skilled website designers can create a website that features Responsive Website Design so your site works flawlessly and appears beautifully on any mobile device.  Your mobile-friendly site will help drive prospective clients to an online reflection of your business’ strengths and superior quality. Visitors will find the site convenient and attractive, often while they get their crucial first impression of your business.  Our own website features many examples of our mobile-responsive website designs that have helped other firms enhance their online presence for mobile users.

Get help making your business’ website mobile-friendly. Contact us today to discuss how Responsive Website Design can position your business for future success as mobile technology advances.

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