Google Update Highlights Importance of Mobile-Friendly Websites

Posted on December 12th, 2014 by

Website DesignGoogle is rolling out new algorithms that optimize web content for mobile devices. Search results through Google will now be prioritized based on the criteria of being mobile-friendly. Regular websites do several things that annoy users and make browsing the internet difficult and frustrating, such as running software that will not load correctly or making text unreadable without using the zoom function. Google’s new software will roll out globally over the next few weeks and mobile-friendly pages are already labeled on Smartphones so they are easier to spot in search results.

Check to See If Your Website Is Mobile Friendly!

Websites that avoid these issues will be given more page views because they are more user-friendly for an increasingly large population of web users connecting through mobile devices. You can check to see if your website is eligible to be listed as mobile-friendly by running a test on your domain name.

Google has said that websites who meet following criteria will be listed as mobile-friendly:

  • Does not run software or scripts that will not load on most mobile devices, such as Adobe Flash.
  • Website text must be readable without having to use the zoom function.
  • Content must be sizable to the screen so users do not have to constantly scroll and zoom.
  • Does not have an overabundance of compact hyperlinks that users may accidentally click on.

Mobile device usage continues to climb without stopping, and experts are predicting five billion mobile users in 2018. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops will drive 94 percent of mobile traffic within five years. Google’s change in policy reflects a technologically-evolving world and an increasingly powerful consumer appetite for mobile technology. The new internet is mobile, app-driven, and easily accessible. Websites that cannot adapt to this changing environment will be left behind and forgotten.

Responsive Designs for the Best Mobile-Friendly Websites

Attorneys Online does not stop at simply websites that are mobile-friendly. We use Responsive Designs, which means the website automatically shifts the text, pictures, video, contact forms and widgets to adjust and look great on computers, iPads and Smartphones alike. Do not settle for simply “mobile” versions of your current site. Upgrade to a Responsive Design and your internet users and Google will know the difference.

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