Google Makes Sweeping Changes to Pay Per Click Ads

Posted on March 18th, 2016 by

The First Search Page May Never Look the Same Again

Pay Per ClickLast month, Google made some changes to pay per click ads on a desktop search that drew some raised eyebrows from the search engine optimization (SEO) community. It removed the advertisements from the right-hand sidebar and increased the number of paid text advertisements that appear on the first search engine results page (SERP).

Let’s break this down. In the past when you searched for a topic, there was a side bar full of Pay Per Click (PPC) ads pertaining to the topic you searched. There were also maybe one or two text ads listed at the top of the search results. Well, Google decided to just do away with the sidebar, so that’s gone now.

Instead, there are four PPC ads that completely dominate the initial search results screen. Only when you begin scrolling down do you see the organic search results. Right before you hit the very bottom of the search results page, you will see three more PPC advertisements above the option to click to the next page of results.

Occasionally, you will see an ad block to the right of search results, depending on if it is what Google is calling a “highly commercial query.” These are sponsored ads, but will typically only show up if Google thinks you intend to immediately make a purchase, such as airline flights. This is still under testing, so it may affect your site in the future depending on where Google takes this feature.

What Do These Pay Per Click Changes Mean for My Website?

In terms of organic search results that are not PPC ads, it means highly-ranked websites may have just gotten bumped down, or even got bumped to the next page to make room for the extra PPC ads now sitting at the top of the page. This means you should be more competitive and work harder than ever to rank highly on the first search page.

In regards to PPC ads, many are wondering if this means PPCs for the top of the page will become cutthroat (more so than it already is) and if the prices for PPCs will increase. Well, that remains to be seen. However, there is another issue with these changes. Will it be worth it to pay to be among the ads at the bottom of the search results page?

Attorneys Online, Inc. Can Help You Stay On Top of Google’s SEO Changes and Trends

Attorneys Online, Inc. is both competitive and strategic when we make bids on Google AdWords. At AOI, we make it our top priority to make sure people who need an attorney are easily directed to our clients by staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends. Our PPC department is headed by a former attorney who ran his own law practice for a number of years. He is certified in Google ad words, and he also has a deep understanding of the business and marketing side of the law.

Even with these recent changes (or any other changes Google decides to throw at us), we will work to ensure our clients are among the top four on Google’s search engine results page! Bring it on, Google!

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